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Computer Technology

Technology and Writing in the Workplace

Over the last decade there has been a significant change in technology which is available in the workplace, and the way that technology is used. The computer has been credited with having the potential to create a paperless society, and many written communications are no longer printed on paper, but communicated in electronic format. This movement towards electronic written communication, where communication takes place through an intranet or Internet, has been seen as advantageous for a number of reasons. The reduction of paper-based communications has the potential to save on resources, which can ultimately result in cost savings, as well as being environmentally friendly, meaning one is likely to see the process continue with paper-based written communication being slowly replaced with electronic written communication.

However, while one can argue there is a reduction in the amount of paper-based written communication, this does not mean there has been an overall reduction in written communication. While electronic communication may reduce the use of resources, another specific advantage is the speed with which it takes place. Electronic communication, especially communication formats such as e-mail and instant messaging, make communication so easy, it appears highly likely that written communication has actually increased. To consider this one can imagine an office at any point during the 1950s through to the 1970s, before computers and e-mails were present. Written communication would usually be received primarily with the postal deliveries, which would be opened and dealt with in an orderly manner. As technology progressed the postal communications may also be supplemented with facsimiles transmitted over a telephone line. However, the amount of written communications was relatively limited. Today an individual may sit at that their computer, and e-mails may arrive all through the day, often with several exchanges taking place, with a written communication substituting for a telephone conversation. Colleagues may ask questions through instant message programs as well as sending e-mails, well before the availability of the electronic format they may have looked up an answer themselves or simply ask somebody verbally.

This indicates another change which is taking place in written communication in the workplace. Written communication is becoming more…

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