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Organizational Design: Everything Bagel

Many organizations today have patterned themselves on a traditional hierarchy, while others have adopted more innovative models. These include Zapposs holacracy where there are no organizational titles, or matrix organizations made up of self-governing cells. Today, organizations must cope with the demands of the new, global reality while still keeping their essential, core integrity. Global organizations must be able to adapt to different cultural and demographic needs. They may need to alter their product lines to flourish in new countries, or offer entirely different products, while still holding on to their key values and essential integrity.

One example of a visual metaphor for a new type of organization is the unbroken circle of a bagel. A bagel is a perfect circle and made of one of the most essential food groupsbread. Like a sound organization, it is seamlessly united. It may appear different, at different levels (browner on the outside than within), but it is still made up of the same substance. It can be changed (toasted) or spread with different toppings to make it more palatable to certain circumstances or customers, but, again, it is still made up of the same essential bread. Similarly, the organization must be consistent, but flexible. An organization must be able to change with different trends, needs, and even shifts in technology, but not…to share feedback about what worked and what did not, via more accessible focus groups, online surveys, and social media. There is far more dialogue between organizations and outsiders than was typical of the past, and these outside elements are incorporated into the bagel, even if they may more easily break off than they were in the past, and retain their individual identities.

The everything bagel is thus a great metaphor for the new organization that is willing to incorporate many different elements into its round circle on the outside, not just on the inside, as well as has the flexibility and potential to change, while still being true to its values and…

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