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¶ … Conceptualization and operationalization of variables

Poor communication between young athletes and coaches leads to longer recovery times and increased levels of frustration amongst athletes regarding their prognosis.

Independent Variable: Effective and ineffective communication between coaches and young athletes.

Conceptualization: Sports injuries are a serious concern. There has been a rise in the rate of youth sports injuries in recent decades, an increase partially attributed to a corresponding rise in youth specialization at an early age and year 'round participation in the same type of competitive sports activity, versus varying sports (Merkel & Molony 2013). In some sports, there are also grave concerns about the risk of permanent injury on every level of competition, as manifested in concerns about head trauma amongst football players, making it all the more critical to reduce the likelihood of such injuries occurring when young (Lopate 2013). Overuse injuries are common many popular youth sports: "Preteens training at regional centers or with high school and club teams in sports such as gymnastics may train more than 20 hours per week" (Caine et al. 2006). Overtraining has also been linked to psychological burnout and plateauing at the sport (Kristiansen et al. 2012).

Sports such as "football,


2006). "The main regions of physical injuries are the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and knee" (Caine et al. 2006). But identifying potentially serious injuries requires both a vigilant athlete and a vigilant player who know how to differentiate between serious and non-serious injuries. There may be reluctance amongst players to report problems for fear of seeming weak; a lack of knowledge amongst youth and coaches about the symptoms of non-apparent injuries like concussions, and fear of getting less 'play time.' "From a systems theory perspective, communication must be understood as a three-part selection process, composed of information, utterance, and understanding & #8230; symbolically generalized communications are additional mechanisms that operate alongside language" (Borggrefe & Cachay 2013). This study hypothesizes that a lack of effective communication between athletes and coaches can result in more severe injuries due to ignoring player's physical needs. This also leads to higher rates of frustration and burnout in young athletes.

Operationalization: "The Youth Sports Behavior Assessment System (YSBAS) contains nine behavioral categories describing behaviors commonly seen during youth sports. The developmental process of YSBAS and the observer-training program are detailed. Twenty-eight undergraduates were trained to observe both parents and coaches during youth sports games. These observers attained a mean interrater…

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