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Current Events

Microsoft Billionaire Reboots Seattle Movie Temple

The article is about the constant improvements that Cinerama, a movie theatre in Seattle has been undergoing to the latest changes that were made to the theatre in order to keep the sales of their services up and hence bring in considerable profits. The management of the movie theatre is aware of the changing technologies that allow people to watch movies even on their smartphones hence the need to constantly improve their services to keep at par with the technological changes.

One of the greatest considerations made by the management is the product positioning, which is situating your product in the best possible position such that the different target markets can prefer the product over those of the competition. Mr. Allen, the owner of Cinerama, indicates that they constantly fiddle with renovations in a bid to constantly bring the customers back to the theatre as opposed to the alternative sources of watching movies, this is positioning of this brand relative to other competitors. The article also highlights the sustainable competitive advantage that Cinerama has which are rare single-screen theater with comfortable seats, fantastic sightlines and state-of-the-art digital projection...


These aspects work for the business and sell it to the potential customers and repeat clients as well. The product described herein also have the advantage of symbolic positioning with the introduction of the laser projector as opposed to the xenon lamps projectors. The newly introduced laser light projectors are known to give sharper images, better comfort to the eyes and better viewership in 3D movies. These unique features add to the symbolic positioning and increase in the sales of tickets for the organization. The marketing strategy is not static and this organization described in the article is cognizant of that fact hence and does not allow their positioning to be marginal but keeps tab with the time frame hence, reduction of seats to give more leg room, new attractive red leather seats, better food options at the entrance, options of reserving seats online ahead of time and generally improved the customer experience with the sole aim of increasing the seat occupancy and retaining repeat customers.

The author of the article has successfully portrayed the product positioning that the cinema theatre has achieved and in doing so, he has juxtaposed the current position of the organization to the historical times, outline the…

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