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Marymount University Mission Statement

The primary way that the Marymount University mission statement differs from the mission statements of George Washington University and Northern Virginia Community College is that it includes the incorporation of Christian values and, to a lesser extent, Christian ethics as well. Neither of the other two schools includes this information in their mission statements; most likely those schools are not Christian. However, the education that students receive at Marymount is founded in the basic values of Christianity, which helps to provide a foundation for students and to guide their educational journeys. In that respect, the mission statements from the other two schools are less detailed.

The Christian mores referenced in the mission statement of Marymount University will significantly impact the impact that I will receive at this institution in profound ways. Incorporating both Christian ethics and spirituality into the learning process will help to create a more well-rounded individual. Additionally, these components of the education I will receive at Marymount will help provide the proper context for the knowledge I gain in other subjects that may be worldlier. Thus, this Christian difference can help me to balance my education in formal academic subjects with my education in spirituality and Christian ethics as well.

Personally, I believe the most important part of the Mission statement at Marymount is that which pertains to the fostering of intellectual curiosity. I have always had a strong intellectual curiosity ever since I can remember. I would not like to learn at a university that does not attempt to cultivate this quality which I regard as a value. Therefore, I am both gratified and relieved to know that my natural curiosity for intellectualization will find support at this institution. In that respect, this part of the mission statement is valuable to me because it helps assure me that I have truly selected the correct school to…

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