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Academic Goal Essays (Examples)

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Academic Progress Report Introduction Greatly Appreciate the
Words: 689 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70004503
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Academic Progress Report

Introduction greatly appreciate the financial support the Foundation has son generously offered to me; without it I would not be able to attend school or complete my degree. With this financial aid, I have been able to pursue my academic and career interests without being preoccupied with my finances. As I have a family, the financial aid is not only a boon, but it is absolutely necessary for my academic and professional development. The Foundation offered me a partial tuition grant for the past three years so that I could complete my Bachelor's Degree at ABC College. I am now entering my senior year at ABC and hope to continue receiving the financial aid that I need in order to receive a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art. I will require one more semester's worth of tuition aid. Through the following progress report, I hope to convey to…

Goals Statement
Words: 1013 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69514108
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Goals Statement couldn't believe my eyes. After all the wrapping paper lie strewn on the floor, I held in my hands the best present I had ever received. It wasn't a Game Boy or a new CD: it was a book called "Chemistry for Kids," and it came with a small lab set. I wasted no time, and immediately set out to perform my first experiments. I felt high as I gathered ordinary household items and watched them change into new forms of matter. My very first experiment was a success, and a practical one, too: I made my very own toothpaste. No many people can say they made toothpaste when they were ten years old, yet with the help of a simple chemistry set and a few materials I found around the house, I experienced newfound joy in my daily ablutions before school.

My homemade toothpaste became a great…

Academic Profile of Home Schoolers a Case Study
Words: 16937 Length: 62 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 56680433
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Academic Profile of Home Schooling - a Case Study

Home Schooling vs. Traditional Educational Methods

Home Schooling Methodology

Focus of the Practicum


Area of Inquiry

Subject/Topic Areas

Home Schooling as an Alternative

Curricula and Materials Used for Home Schooling

The Success of Home Schooling

Evaluation Design

Conditions for Change



Legislative Information:

Maryland: A Legal Analysis

State Laws and Regulations - Maryland

Goulart and Travers vs. Calvert County

Home-schooled Kids Find Social Growth"

Home Schoolers in the Trenches"

Home School Academic Advantage Increases Over Time"

Home Schooling." ERIC Digest, Number 95.


The Academic Profile of Home Schoolers

Case Study

The focus of this applied dissertation proposal is to examine and analyze home school families' academic environment, the institutional materials they use, and to gain an understanding of their academic success.

Prince George's County Public School System is the nineteenth largest school system in the nation with a…


Monticello, IL.

Buchanan, Jim (1984). Home Instruction: A Growing Alternative to Public Schools. Monticello, IL.

Lande, Nancy (2000). Home school Open House: Interviews with 55 Home schooling Families. Bozeman, MT

Waring, Bill and Diane (1999). Emerald Books: A look back on what they learned along the way by veteran home schooling parents of varying approaches.

Academic Strategies for the Business Professional Two-Digit
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31630926
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Academic Strategies for the Business Professional

Two-digit Section #:

nstructions: Download this document to your computer before filling it out. All of the gray boxes below should be appropriately filled in and the document saved again before submitting to the Unit 9 Dropbox.

Develop your own Career Action Plan based on information you have gained in this course. Consider information from course Readings, Assignments, career research, the informational interview, and the LASS assessment.

Career Action Plan:

Take some time to think seriously about where you would like to be in your future career and how you will get there. Once you have generated some ideas, complete the short-term and long-term information, and respond to all items listed below:

Short-Term Educational Goal (approximately 2 years or less):

Your short-term educational goal should be a goal that you can realistically accomplish in approximately 2 years or less. Focus on a goal that…

III. Your Weaknesses: What skills and/or experiences will you need to gain in order to ensure that you will achieve this goal? TIP: You might visit the O*Net Online ™ to see what kinds of skills are required in your career field. (minimum 5 complete sentences)

I need to learn more how to operate computers. Specifically, computers programmed with accounting software. This means I have to learn how to use programs that analyze, store, and record data. I need to learn how to code documents in accordance to a firm's procedures. I need to learn about compliance with federal and state regulations (, 2014).

IV. Your Plan: What are some of the obstacles or challenges you might encounter as you work towards achieving this goal (refer back to your weaknesses)? How will

Academic Autobiography There Are Events
Words: 1562 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47415337
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The importance of a strong opening and closing, practicing, staying organized and focused and taking the stage with confidence are skills that I continue to apply in my class presentations.

At times my classes, especially the General Education classes, have been quite challenging. Having proven to myself that I have the intellectual capacity, discipline and drive to pass these classes, I am inspired and encouraged when presented with some of the challenges of life. A significant aspect of a college education is developing critical reasoning. It is not so much to memorize facts and figures, but to be able to penetrate ideas and concepts and extract their essence. Understanding the way mechanisms work is a sine-qua-non condition of gaining the ability to deconstruct ideas and theories and applying them to one's personal and professional life. It is through this kind of individualized approach, I believe, that higher education is particularly…

Academics Athletics and Good Moral Character I
Words: 334 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73655590
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Academics, Athletics, And Good Moral Character

I am only seventeen years old, and yet, I feel that I have much more life experience than most of the kids my age. In addition to school, my life has been shaped by events such as domestic abuse, the death of a classmate and a strong mother whose influence, determination and hard work have given my life structure.

For the past four years, I have received an outstanding education from St. Ignatius, which places a premium on academics, athletics, and good moral character. I have learned a lot as a student at St. Ignatius and continue to work hard to hone my academic skills and improve my GPA. Senior year has been my most enjoyable so far, particularly in terms of my stimulating classes. Classes such as give class and give class have been particularly enjoyable for me, and I am looking forward…

Academic English There Are Many
Words: 616 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37923470
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Women may want to explore problems more through verbal communication than men. By discussing a problem, women find that they are able to explore solutions, strengthen relationships and be more involved with the person whom they are talking with. Women may feel more connected or feel more alone depending on how they are dealing with a situation.

Men are the opposite. A lot of men see dealing with problems as a way of showing how smart they are. They want to solve the problem and move on to the next problem -- no hassles. Men are more able to put their own feelings aside and take control of the situation by assuming authority in a problem solving process. Men seem to be distracted by the fact that they want to solve a problem and thus the quality of the way in which they solve the problem oftentimes is lacking.



Connor, Michael G. "Understanding the Difference Between Men and Women." Oregon

Counseling. 2010. Retrieved on September 5, 2010, from the Website: men.htm

Academic Journal Entry I Feel as if
Words: 1016 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2676855
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Academic Journal Entry

I feel as if I acquired several valuable lessons from the first several chapters of the text. The following sections will illustrate some of the points that I felt that were the most relevant to me. One of the most influential sections came at the beginning and helped me to understand what a foundation for a human resource strategy might look like. It is important in my opinion, above all else, to be proactive in employee relationships so that you can foster an environment in which the human resource department can serve as a cornerstone of the organization rather than some distant alien force that only swoops in when there is a major problem.

Human Capital

First of all, I liked the notion of human capital and how it applies to an overall, most holistic approach to a Human Resource strategy. There seem to be two approaches…

My Goals for the Next Five Years
Words: 819 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72566969
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Smart Goals

My Goals For The Next Five Years

Setting goals: SMART

Setting goals is an important part of moving forward in life. Martin Luther King Jr. once said: "If you can't fly then run, if you can't run then walk, if you can't walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward." Of course, all of us would like to fly forward and reach our goals easily. But often long-term goals take a great deal of work to achieve, and are the cumulation of a series of short-term goals that are undertaken step-by-step. My ultimate personal goal in life is to be a good mother to my son and to financially as well as personally support him on his journey to becoming a pilot while I pay off my house. My long-term academic goal is to complete my major successfully. I am studying to be…

Statement of Goals
Words: 708 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45037524
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matriculated at ____ College/University without a very clear idea of my academic goals. I felt young and a bit naive when I entered university, but through experience and hard work I have matured and gained focus. Like many first and second year students, I took the required courses without a clear idea of what my major would eventually be. However, knowing that I wanted to solidify my career goals, I decided that I would find my niche. With the future as a blank slate, I pursued various majors until I found that I was drawn to the sports industry.

My grades, which had suffered a bit due to my having to work full time while in college, improved immediately after I realized how clear my path had become. I trail blazed, determined to complete my degree on a high note. I became more interested in internships with professional organizations that…

Academic Libraries the Evolution and
Words: 1628 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 20726502
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In addition to that, the libraries also had to launch various training programs in order to ensure that their employees possess the appropriate skills that are being required by the operations and activities of the organization. (Foo, Chaudry, Majid & Logan, 2002)

Changing Demands of Users

Due to a significant change in the academic environment, an ever increasing emphasis was laid down on group work and self-study. The students, therefore, started looking for online information in the academic libraries. The libraries faced a challenge of increased consumer demand and had to work on customer services and proper and timely availability of information. The libraries needed to provide the consumers with user friendly services. They also had to analyze the changes in consumer demands and had to provide the services that best fit the requirements of changing academic world. (Maponya, 2004)


The academic libraries are an important component and information…

Borgman, C. Central Technological University Library (CTK), (2000). Challenges for academic libraries in the networked world (UDC 027.7:004.738). Retrieved from Central Technological University Library (CTK) website:

Foo, S., Chaudry, a.S., Majid, S.M., & Logan, E. School of Communication and Information, Division of Information Studies. (2002). Academic libraries in transition -- challenges ahead. Retrieved from School of Communication and Information website: 

Maponya, P.M. School of Human and Social Studies, Information Studies Programme. (2004). Knowledge management practices in academic libraries: a case study of the university of natal, Pietermaritzburg libraries . Retrieved from School of Human and Social Studies website: management practices in academic libraries.pdf

Goal of Indiana Students Reading
Words: 3549 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44891359
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Clickers/esponses Phonics Lesson

Phonics Long Vowel - Silent e Lesson Plan for Special Education


Students will recognize and say words that follow the c-v-c-e and v-c-e rule where the first vowel is a long vowel and the final e is silent. By using the Clickers/esponses as a classroom game they will utilize them after hearing the correct sounds.

Students with the will be able to spell and write out some basic long vowel words that have c-v-c-e and v-c-e spelling patterns and will use the Clickers/esponses when they hear the right sound.

About the Concept:

There are several regular long vowel spelling patterns in the English language. The c-v-c-e pattern (consonant-vowel-consonant-final e) is a long vowel spelling pattern which occurs quite frequently in early reading and spelling. Essentially, the phonics rule for this design mentions that when a vowel and final e are separated by a single consonant, the…


Indiana Standards. (2010, March 3). Retrieved from Learniing Connection: 

Classroom Resources. (2012, September 5). Retrieved from ReadWritethink: 

Elementary K-5 Writing Curriculum. (2012, September 5). Retrieved from Melrose Public Schools:

Gates-MacGinitie Reading Tests® Online. (2012, September 5). Retrieved from Online reading test:

Goals for Graduate Study and
Words: 752 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 74502145
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I was then able to provide him with some academic advisement by suggesting ways that he could become better organized and not procrastinate with his work.

A also listened to his problems and suggested ways that he could deal with them more easily. I suggested to him that he practice confidence and speak to the bully verbally, but that he should never use any anger toward that person. At our next meeting he informed me that he did try it and the boy had stopped bullying him. I also had the opportunity to help solve problems for other conflicts. For example, I coached a volleyball team of high school girls for three years. There came a time when I had to be a mediator, and this was really what gave me the idea to become a counselor due to the way I coached and counseled my players. It brought a…

Academic Career and How Do
Words: 329 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Application Essay Paper #: 16584747
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I see myself, either working for a company, or perhaps embarking upon my own new business and making diversity education a critical part of the workplace environment. Continuing international education must be a cornerstone of every competitive company. To do business with the world, it is necessary to be fluent in a variety of languages, cultural assumptions, and issues that transcend borders.

Given the environmental concern that has risen in the past decade, making ethical treatment of the environment by industry must also be a priority of an organization. This is sound business sense as well as ethics, as is evident by the success of companies such as Toyota. Toyota's use of hybrid technology has enabled it to gain an edge on its competition. Thinking outside the box, thinking about what the world will look like in the future, a maintaining a balance between self-interest, shareholder profits and sustainability will…

Academic Interests Personal Perspectives and
Words: 691 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 30359190
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I am amused when I remember my first dance lesson, and the pressure I felt until then because I was practically afraid of interacting with people I did not know. Gradually I learnt that my fear had not been justified and I even became a very sociable person thanks to the fact that I entered the world of break dancing. Not only did I learn how to dance consequent to having become accustomed with this new style of living, but I have also learnt how motivation can be a great helper in any situation. In addition to constantly improving my dance techniques, I also began to get better grades and to become more interested in accumulating information.

It is very probable that break dancing has also gotten me to apply and to be accepted at the University of California San Diego's California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS).…

Academic Interests in Attending Trinity College Thank
Words: 625 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Admission Essay Paper #: 18009366
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Academic Interests in Attending Trinity College

Thank you in advance for your consideration of my application to become enrolled at Trinity College. I am confident that I am qualified, and if successful in my application, I am certain I will be a productive, active, and worthy contributor to the campus community.

Academic Interests

My interest in acquired wisdom past and present runs as deep as a river. My curiosity leads me to investigate the history of subjects that fascinate me and tug at my brain -- like a child tugging at my sleeve -- for additional knowledge. Art history is among the subjects that I am passionate about exploring. The very thought of being in a classroom with Professor Gordon, or Professor Raether, learning about European art and the development of styles and formats in the 18th and 19th Centuries, brings a smile to my face.

I certainly hope and…

Academic Strategies Involved
Words: 1446 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16691562
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Instructional Strategy


The Encouraging Appropriate Behavior Specific Praise strategy is based on delivering positive reinforcement in the form of either verbal or written praise. It can help to foster desirable and appropriate relationships between students and instructors, and requires pedagogues to utilize a number of timely plaudits that are related to specific actions and academic behaviors for students. This strategy would be of immense benefit to Sam since he has a lengthy history of underachieving, and it would behoove him to gain attention in a classroom setting that is rewarding and for positive, on-task behaviors. Implementing this strategy with Sam would likely require utilizing a variation of types of praise with "other forms of behavior and reinforcement strategies" (Curran and the Iris Center, 2003, p. 6) since he is not used to approbation.

Criterion specific rewards serve as a preemptive means of "managing classroom behavior" ( Curran and the…


Curran, C and the Iris Center. (2003). Encouraging appropriate behavior. The Iris Center.

Goal of This Research Is to Identify
Words: 902 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 48679248
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goal of this research is to identify interventions that can reduce the risk of negative outcomes for at-risk youth. The basis for the analysis will rely on prior literature on parenting styles, co-parenting conflicts, and also child pre-disposition to violence. A literature review is the initial research design, with the goal of explaining the nature of the problem and the variables involved (Blakstad, n.d.). The research may progress into two further stages, including an exploratory and primarily qualitative phase. Subsequent to the exploratory research, a pilot study with longitudinal design may be warranted, but experimental designs are not indicated in a project of this nature.

Because the research is currently exploratory in nature, as it is in the early stages, several descriptive research designs would be highly appropriate. Three of the descriptive research designs that would be appropriate to this dissertation in particular include Case Study and Descriptive esearch. Later…


Blakstad, O. (n.d.). Research designs. Retrieved online: 

De Vaus, D.A. Research Design in Social Research. London: SAGE, 2001; Trochim, William M.K. Research Methods Knowledge Base. 2006.

Shuttleworth, M. (n.d.). Case study research design. Retrieved online:

Goals Although Quantitative Methodologies Are
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 94007992
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Although every research setting will be unique in some fashion, there are some generalities involved in content analysis that can be followed by novice researchers. For example, according to Riffe, Lacy and Fico (2005), "Usually, but not always, content analysis involves drawing representative samples of content. The data collected in a quantitative content analysis are then usually analyzed to describe what are typical patterns or characteristics, or to identify important relationships among the variables measured" (p. 2).

Narrative analysis. This research methodology considers the narrative stories provided by narrators as representing their authentic social reality (Etherington, 2004). According to Etherington, "Narrative analysis views life as constructed and experienced through the telling and re-telling of the story, and the analysis is the creation of a coherent and resonant story" (2004, p. 81). Narrative analyses is not intended to identify commonalties or conceptual themes among narrative accounts, but rather relies on the…

Correlational research. This type of research identifies and evaluates the natural relationship that exists between different variables. According to Groat and Wang, "This characteristic means that it is particularly appropriate in circumstances when variables either cannot be manipulated for practical reasons or should not be manipulated for ethical reasons" (2003, p. 244).

Developmental designs. This type of research is used to measure changes that occur over lengthy periods of time (Developmental research, 2012). For example, a developmental design would be suitable for analyzing the differences in academic and social development in low-income vs. high-income neighborhoods. This research design is most common when working with children as subjects and can be undertaken using several methods: longitudinal, cross sectional, and cross sequential (Developmental research, 2012).

Survey research. Survey research collects data from a large number of respondents in an attempt to gain a better understanding about this sample as a whole (Grinnel & Unrau, 2005). According to Grinnel and Unrau, "It is essential, therefore, that survey research procedures produce data that is accurate, reliable, and representative so that findings can be generalized from a sample to the larger population or to different research situations" (p. 272). One of the main strengths of survey research concerns its flexibility for data-gathering purposes. De Vaus (2002) notes that, "A survey is not just a particular technique of collecting information: questionnaires are widely used but other techniques, such as structured and in-depth interviews, observation, content analysis and so forth, can also be used in survey research. The distinguishing features of surveys are the form of the data and the method of analysis" (p. 3). This main strength, though, is offset somewhat by the constraints that are inherent in the approach, but these constraints are frequently related to

Academic and Personal Experience
Words: 378 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83141923
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move from a movie! my gymnastics coach told me, his eyes agape. "That was a mean tumbling pass!" I blushed. It had been a long time goal for me to become a police officer so that I would be able to apply my physical strength to a challenging career. While I always loved playing and watching sports like football and baseball, I didn't see professional athletics in my future. And while I enjoyed and excelled at the sciences in high school enough to make lab work my chosen major, I also didn't want to delve into hard science as a potential future career. I realized quite a long time ago that working for the police force would enable me to combine my talents and strengths while helping others and contributing something to my community. Furthermore, as a native New Yorker, my desire to be a cop is made all the…

Goal Is Not a Strategy
Words: 6751 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15249790
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He also held weekly cookouts and he stood in line with all the crew to show he was on equal footing for that day.

Peter Drucker

One of Abrashoff's heroes was Peter Drucker, often referred to as the "father" of the modern management theory. Drucker predicted the emergence of the innovative knowledge worker -- the kind of talented employee that electronics firms hire as often as they can -- and he developed a management style that sought to "…embrace team members' creativity and intellectual contributions," according to M.E. Oss, writing in Behavioral Healthcare. Drucker developed the idea of decentralizing the workplace, and viewing the workplace as a "human community" that should be built on full trust and deep respect for the worker, not just a place where profit is the sole motive (Byrne, et al., 2005). Drucker treated the workers as "assets" rather than "liabilities" and long before other management…

Works Cited

Abrashoff, Michael D. (2002). it's Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn

Ship in the Navy. New York: Warner Books.

Alic, John a., and Harris, Martha Caldwell. (1986). Employment lessons from the electronics

Industry. Monthly Labor Review, 27-31.

Psychosocial Academic Interventions for Children With ADHD
Words: 3151 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 40596143
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Academic Outcomes of Children With ADHD

ADHD Literature eview

Improving the Academic Outcomes of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Improving the Academic Outcomes of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2014) Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental condition recognizable by attention deficits, hyperactivity, and impulsivity that manifest across multiple settings. The most recent version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-V) describes ADHD as consisting of inattention, and/or hyperactivity/impulsivity, severe enough to interfere with day-to-day functioning and development. Common symptoms of inattention include poor listening skills, frequent mistakes, disorganized, avoidance of mentally challenging tasks, distracted, and forgetful. Hyperactivity/impulsivity symptoms include fidgeting, inappropriate physical activity, excessive talking, interrupting others, and an inability to play quietly. Children suffering from ADHD would therefore have a difficult time succeeding academically.

If ADHD were rare this would not be a significant…


CDC. (2013). Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): Data & statistics. Retrieved from .

CDC. (2014). Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): Symptoms and diagnosis. Retrieved from .

Dang, M.T., Warrington, D., Tung, T., Baker, D., & Pan, R.J. (2007). A school-based approach to early identification and management of students with ADHD. Journal of School Nursing, 23(1), 2-12.

DuPaul, G., & Power, T.J. (2008). Improving school outcomes for students with ADHD: Using the right strategies in the context of the right relationships. Journal of Attention Disorders, 11(5), 519-21.

Committed to Achieving My Goal of Becoming
Words: 932 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72867697
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committed to achieving my goal of becoming an accountant. I will do everything in my power to ensure that I achieve the educational background necessary to become an accountant. I will also ensure that I learn the ethical and moral roles associated with accounting, to prepare me for dealing with clients.

My long-term goals are a hybrid of personal and professional goals. Therefore, my five-year goals are drawn from both aspects of my life. My first goal is to obtain my bachelor degree in accounting. My second goal is to become certified as a Certified Public Examiner and a Certified Forensic Accountant. My third goal is to find my first job working with an accounting organization where I would be in an auditing position. The fourth goal is to use the background experience from that first job to find a job opportunity in one of the cities were I would…

Leadership Path Goal Theory the Boy Scouts
Words: 2436 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16812245
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Leadership Path Goal Theory

The Boy Scouts" using the "path- goal theory

Leadership theories

Path Goal Theory

Explain how the theory works and include an example

Explain the effect of power and influence that leaders have on followers in the organization

Are the followers receptive?

Would you recommend another strategy?

Transformational Leadership

Transactional Leadership

Evaluate the role of transformational and transformational leadership in the organization

Effectiveness of transformational and transactional leadership in the organization


Assess the traits and characteristics of an effective team leader within the organization

Explain how the leadership supports vision, mission, and strategy in the organization

If you were the leader in the organization, what would you change and why?




The leadership theories are different in their relevance and approach, however, the importance of effective leadership cannot be undermined in operations of a successful organization. The boy scouts and other military organizations also…


Bolman, L.G., & Deal, T.E. (2011). Reframing organizations: Artistry, choice and leadership. USA: Jossey-Bass.

Samson, D., & Daft, R.L. (2009). Fundamentals of management. Australia: Cengage Learning.

Winkler, I. (2010). Contemporary leadership theories. USA: Springer.

Social Psychology of Education
Words: 966 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22279874
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Academic Studying and Development of Personal Skill: A Self-Regulatory Perspective by Barry I. Zimmerman, discusses the essential role that self-regulation plays in improving the academic performance of students, with the potential of also improving the individual's life throughout his/her development. Self-regulation, defined as "self-generated thoughts, feelings, and actions for attaining academic goals," is a primary tool, according to research, in determining efficacy in student development because it involves "personal initiative, resourcefulness, persistence, and sense of responsibility" -- that is, tools that make for "self-motivation," the catalyst for self-regulation to occur (73).

Thus, Zimmerman conducts this research based on two grounds: (1) there has been little literature on the topic of self-regulation among students, especially when applied in the educational setting; and (2) the potential of self-regulation as the primary determinant that explains a student's academic performance and "learning ability." Using the method of structured and in-depth/focused interviews of students, data…

Works Cited

Zimmerman, B. (1998). "Academic studying and the development of personal skill: A self-regulatory perspective." Educational Psychologist, 33. 73-86.

Relevance of Academic Knowledge to
Words: 5016 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63570089
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It needs to be well understood because just like knowledge, ingorance cannot be talked about without basing on some individual or group. It should therfore be negotiated soically because it is socially constructed. Ignorance is treated indiscriminately and unitary whereby terms like uncertainity, ambiguity and vagueness are considered synonymous by most writing on disaster.Turner together with several other writers in the fields of disasters and hazards refer to about three ignorance senses consisting of distortion which he also calls misinformation, incompleteness and irrelevance whereby relevant information is discounted and overlooked. In order to prevent disasters, there are various ways in information which would be need is classified. The things which are not known; what is known but not entirely appreciated; something which someone knows but does not present it collectively with other information in a timely manner when there will be realization of its significance and action of its message…


Auf der Heide, E. (1989). Disaster Response: Principles of Preparation and Coordination. St.

Louis: C.R. Mosely.

Britton, N. (1999). Whither the emergency manager?" International Journal of Mass

Emergencies and Disaster, 17(3), 223-36.

Athletics and Academics in the Current Economic
Words: 920 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77144685
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Athletics and Academics

In the current economic climate of the United States, public institutions are finding themselves having to make harsher and harsher budget cuts. Teaching positions are minimized, class sizes are increased, and fees are rising to nearly unaffordable regions. The English Department at a certain university or high school may drop from twenty-five professors to a dozen or so. It is the harsh reality of living in an era of economic downturn. However, even as the college school would lose more and more financial assistance from the government, athletic programs at schools continue to expand and provide more and more incentives for prospective recruits. This is symptomatic of a flawed philosophy in college institutions: the ability to perform athletic skills has more importance than the ability to think. This perspective not only jades the graduating classes but teaches the wrong principles for when a student needs to learn…

Works Cited:

Larimore, David (2007). "Non-Economic Societal Impacts of Intercollegiate Athletics." The

Sport Journal. United States Sports Academy.

Meier, K.J., Eller, W.S., Marchbanks III, M.P., Robinson, S., Polinard, J.L., Wrinkle, R.D.

(2004). "A Lingering Question of Priorities: Athletic Budgets and Academic Performance Revisited. Review of Policy Research," 21(6), 799 -- 807. Retrieved from Academic Search Premier.

Counseling Interventions on the Academic
Words: 2827 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 98781309
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(McGannon, Carey and Dimmitt, 2005)

To address this need in the field of school counseling, the CSCOR has developed the National Panel for School Counseling Evidence-ased Practice, which is composed of school counseling educators and practitioners who have been identified as experts in the field. Panel members are currently evaluating existing methods of evidence-based practice by reviewing the research literature so that they may establish rules of evidence to determine whether a practice can be identified as evidence-based. The panel is identifying rules for judging strong evidence, identifying needed research, and communicating their findings to other practitioners and researchers. (McGannon, Carey, and Dimmitt, 2005)

The work of Jeremy M. Linton entitled: "Perceived Therapeutic Qualities of Counselor Trainees with Disabilities" states that a learning disability (LD) is present when the person's achievement in a specific academic area is significantly below the level expected for age, schooling, and level of intelligence. In…


Carey, John; Dimmitt, Carey McGannon, and Carey, Wendy (2005) the Current Status of School Counseling Outcome Research. School of Education - University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Research Monograph, Number 2, May 2005.

Problem Solving and RTI: New Roles for School Psychologists by Andrea Canter, 2006, February, Communique, 34(5). Available from

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Elbaum, Batya; and Vaughn, Sharon (2008) Can School-Based Interventions Enhance the Self-Concept of Students with Learning Disabilities? National Center for Learning Disabilities. 2008. online available at

Practices Goal and Priority Management
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In my case, that time is in the mid-afternoon because I have learned that this is the time when I tend to be able to concentrate the best ([email protected], 2011). Another aspect of time management I have learned is that it is extremely important to control my environment to prevent distractions from wasting my time. That means that if it is difficult to concentrate on my work in my dorm room because other people are socializing, I have the responsibility to change my environment to one that is more conducive to studying ([email protected], 2011). I have combined those two elements in the following way: regardless of what else is going on, I go to the library at 4:00 PM on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays and I plan out in advance exactly what my goals are for that time period on each a particular day.

I have also learned that catching…


. (2011). 57 Time-Management Hacks for College Students. Retrieved 

Lucier, K.L. (2008). "8 Steps for Strong Time Management for College Students

Learning How to Manage Your Time in College Can Be Critical for Your Success." Retrieved from:

Book for Academic Audiences Has
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Each chapter provides sufficient entertainment material to draw the interest of lay people, while balancing this with a good amount of academic information for those who wish to study the country and its people. The narrative throughout the book is bound together well by starting each chapter with a narrative about Gloria or those who share her world. Another strong connecting factor is the quotation at the start of each chapter, which is relevant to the specific topic of the chapter as well as to the general ideas in the book as a whole. While these are excellent techniques, I think the structure of the chapters themselves could have been handled better by more consistently organizing the information in each.

One shortcoming of the book is the internal structure of each chapter, which can be haphazard in some cases, and also a lack of consistent focus on the laughter element.…

Personal Academic and Professional Objectives From an
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Personal Academic and Professional Objectives

From an academic perspective, a certificate in Electronic Health Record System Consultant will in basic terms first and foremost equip me with the necessary skills required for the maintenance, collection as well as analysis of healthcare data relied upon by healthcare providers in the delivery of services to patients. If I successfully complete the training, I am convinced that I will have developed professional skills necessary for the effective management of all medical information as well as records of patients.

Further, by undertaking a certificate in Electronic Health Record System Consultant, I seek to acquire hands-on skills not only in regard to coding diagnoses but also in the relevant reimbursement procedures. I am convinced that the certification in this case will prepare me to offer my services in a wide variety of settings including but not limited to government agencies, electronic health record system software…

Louisiana Education Educational Excellence Review Goals Put
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Louisiana Education

Educational Excellence eview goals put Educational Excellence All Children Act (1999). Goal 1: eady learn year 2000, children America start school ready learn. Goal 2: School Completion year 2000, high school graduation rate increase 90%.

Educational Excellence for All Children Act (1999):

How does Louisiana measure up?

When President Clinton reauthorized the Elementary & Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965 in the form of the Educational Excellence for All Children Act (1999), he intended to reinforce such concepts as 'high academic standards, top-quality teachers in smaller classes, safe schools" and emphasize the need for a greater degree of accountability of schools and teachers (Kickbush & Winters 1999). The Act set six major goals for all schools. Sadly, the state of Louisiana has received a failing grade from a number of independent, objective review boards in relation to its ability to meet these six goals. The National Center for…


Drug and alcohol abuse amongst teens in Louisiana. (2012). Inspirations Youth. Retrieved:

Ernest Gallet. (2011). Louisiana Schools Report Cards. Retrieved:

Personal and Professional Goals Higher
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Despite the fact I was preparing students for a standardized exam, I take pride in the fact that I tried to grasp what unique pedagogical strategies were required to enable them to master the material.

A seek further education in developmental psychology and general educational theory to build upon my natural strengths as an educator and communicator. My experiences have been diverse, spanning all grades as a substitute teacher in a variety of areas as well as my preparatory work with adult GED students. This exposure to students in a wide range of developmental stages has helped me see how the learning process develops over time, as basic skills make a foundation for students to learn new concepts. But sometimes, if these core concepts are lacking, a teacher can learn to help the student remedy past academic deficits. I have also worked as a tutor on a one-on-one basis with…

Improving Boys' Academics Improving the
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(p. 88) Boys and girls also respond differently to stress, threat and confrontation, as girls are more likely to shy away from confrontation while boys seem to at times be motivated by it. (p. 88-89) Lastly, one of the most important issues of gender differences that effect education is in relation to social interactive differences, boys feel less of a need to connect with others in a social way while girls are driven by friendships and social engagement. In school this fact effects relationships with teachers and others to such a degree that it challenges their ability to learn in the current system, yet this is not something that should be altered the system needs to be altered to meet this different need. (p. 84) (Lundy & Firebaugh, 2005, p. 233) one suggestion, easily implemented that will alter the dynamic of the success of boys in a situation where peer…


Abboud, S.K. & Kim, J.Y. (2005) Top of the Class: How Asian Parents Raise High Acheivers and How you can too. Berkley, CA: Berkley Trade.

Barnett, R. Rivers, C. (2005) Same Differences. New York: basic Books.


Connolly, P. (2004). Boys and Schooling in the Early Years. New York: RoutledgeFalmer.

Long-Term Goals After Completing the Program What
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long-term goals after completing the program. What characteristics do you possess that would make you a good fit for the goals

Short-term and long-term goals: MA in accounting

When embarking upon a master's degree in a field like taxation, it is essential to have a clear idea of one's long and short-term goals, so a student can use the program to its maximum degree of efficacy. Upon graduation, I hope to work at a large corporation, where I believe that my undergraduate degree in finance combined with the invaluable skills and knowledge given to me by graduate study in taxation will enable me to provide superior service to my employers. My knowledge of finance will contextualize any advice I bestow regarding the tax code that is relevant to the corporation, while my knowledge of taxation will contextualize any financially-related advice I may give over the course of my service. My…

Long-Term Goals My Short-Term Goals Are to
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long-Term goals?

My short-term goals are to make the most out of my academic talents and abilities and fulfilling the core values of Respect, Compassion, Excellence, Justice, and Stewardship. The Medical focus Program will be an opportunity for me to begin specializing in science and healthcare-related subjects and to get to know other students who share my academic and career interests. I look forward to being able to the first-hand experience of volunteering in the healthcare professions so that I can interact with patients and experienced healthcare professionals. I also look forward to being as creative as possible, such as in the way that I duplicated several classic scientific experiments in my school science fairs.

My long-term goal is to become an orthodontist. I have had this goal since I was six years old, when I had an accident that broke some of my teeth and required orthodontic care. My…

Post MBA Goals
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post-MBA career goals and how your work experience has influenced these goals. Include in your discussion: "Why an MBA at this time?" And the industry or functional area you plan to pursue at the completion of your MBA.

Currently, the world economy stands at a seminal juncture in its development. On our own shores, we see that the American economy is poised at a critical stage. The American economy is recouping itself after the feverish activity of the 1990's, recovering from the business world's nearly unquestioned faith in the progress of technology and the virtues of the Internet. At present, economic growth is on the increase once again, yet consumer confidence remains low because of the indeterminacy in the business world of where is the next and best way to expand. The European Community is still struggling what the 'C' -- as in community -- In the term 'EC' really…

Achieving Academic Excellence Wanting to Get a
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Achieving Academic Excellence

anting to get a good job is an important factor in my decision to embark upon a college education, although a college degree does not guarantee a student a 'good job' upon receipt of his or her diploma. This fact is manifested in the many recent college graduates who have prestigious degrees from top universities, who have had to move home with their parents because they cannot find work, or who are working in positions vastly below their level of capability. However, despite this fact, I am still persevering with my college education. Although college cannot guarantee me a high-paying job, I do believe that when I find work, the employment I secure will be more meaningful than what I could obtain, if I did not graduate from college. In short, I seek a career, rather than 'just a job.'

I would hate to have to go…

Works Cited

"2011 College Grads Expected To Earn More." AOL Jobs. 4 Mar 2011. [8 Feb 2012] 

Cancino, Angela. "For many grads, the old college try is not enough." The Chicago Tribune.

19 Apr 2011. [8 Feb 2012]

Management's Primary Goal Is to
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These examples indicate that a Machiavellian approach to corporate ethics and an utter lack of concern for the state of the environment in the future is poor business practice. Yet the ethical arguments in favor of businesses showing concern for the environment, having rigorous accounting ethics and observing regulations regarding consumer safety is that a failure to take ethical action often results in losses of profits. It is far more difficult to argue that a firm should ignore the need to make a profit at all, and to place the environment first.

Consider the principles of the Deep Ecology movement, which point out that Western capitalism and consumerism itself generates waste, and a focus upon maximizing productivity actually causes harm to the environment. Deep Ecology principles stress that even encouraging people to buy more consumer goods, regardless of origin, is unethical, and that improvements in technology often results in destruction…


Drengson, Alan. 2011. Mission statement. Foundation for Deep Ecology. Accessed[February 5, 2011]

Gogoi, Pallavi. 2006. Wal-Mart's Organic offensive. Business Week. Accessed at  

People Working Teams Achieve Goals Efficiently Effectively
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People working teams achieve goals efficiently effectively people working '. Draw theories team design effectiveness give practical examples relating organisational/work University study experience discuss statement

Efficiency of team projects over individually handled projects

The current research project t is focused on the discussion of the following statement:

People working in teams always achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively than people working alone.

In order to address it, a twofold approach is implemented -- the review of the specialized literature and the analysis of the practical implications within a real life context -- the working teams at Wal-Mart. It is eventually concluded that the teams are indeed more efficient than individuals, but that the development and management of a team is a matter to be decided upon based on the unique particularities of every business situation.

Table of contents




2. Key issues / findings from the literature…


Alberts, D.J., 2007, A model of multidiscipline teams in knowledge-creating organizations, Team Performance Management, Vol. 13, No. 5/6

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HRM Strategy and Business Goals According to
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HM Strategy and Business Goals:

According to recommendations of the human resource management literature, organizations which sustain a human resource management strategy and practices that are in accordance with business mission usually record high performance. This performance basically includes high performance work practices and increased economic performance. Therefore, human resource executives play a significant role in the creation of competitive advantage within organizations. Human resource management practices are critical for choosing, developing, encouraging and maintaining necessary human capital.

Generally, human resource executives align their strategies and practices with the business objectives through Human esource Planning (HP) and Strategic Human esource Management (SHM). In addition to being advocated for by practitioners and academics for several years, these practices and procedures positively affect the performance of an organization. H executives can align business mission with H strategy and practices through personnel selection tests that designed for the selection of employees with the…


Huselid, M.A. (2002). The Impact of Environmental Volatility on Human Resource Planning

and Strategic Human Resource Management. Human Resource Planning, 16(3), 35-51. Retrieved from Institute for Management and Labor Relations (IMLR), Rutgers University.

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The Changes Occuring in Academic Advising
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Higher education is the foundation for growth within our global economy. Students who properly utilized the system to its fullest extent, garner life altering skills and abilities. These skills, which are often transferable from industry to industry further, enhance the quality of life for society (Jacks, 1932). Academic advising is critical to this process, facilitating the development of talent for organizations. These organizations, in turn, create goods and services that provide a compelling value proposition for the consumer. Without the aid of higher education, and the subsequent benefits derived from participation, many of these individuals would not have made the significant contributions to society that they have. It is therefore logical to continue to preserve the higher education system so that the next generation of students can further enhance the quality of life for society. Education is now becoming paramount to individual economic success. The need for companies to hire…


1. Broadbridge, A (1996). "Academic advising -- traditional or developmental approaches?." British Journal of Guidance & Counseling 24 (1): 97-111

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Employment or Academic Resume to Report I
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employment or academic resume to report, I nevertheless appreciate the opportunity to tell you more about what I hope to accomplish while at NYU Stern and how I hope to contribute to the faculty and student body. My extracurricular interests and my core curricular interests will both reflect my passion for global business and the future of information systems. I appreciate the flexibility of the Stern MBA program, especially because I am used to being self-directed and independent in my academic and personal careers. In addition to the General Management curriculum I will like to specialize in Information Systems and am also considering meeting with academic advisors while at Stern to discuss whether or not a second area of specialization in either Finance or International Finance would be appropriate. My academic objectives parallel my career and personal goals, as I hope to work as a financial analyst or consultant for…

Library Resources vs. ikipedia," authors Colon-Aguirre & Fleming-May (2012) illustrate that modern scholars are very often more likely to look for quick solutions to research issues, such as exploiting ikipedia which is not peer reviewed and therefore has always been synonymous with a lack of truth or evidence. There are a myriad of reasons why students are so much more likely to access easy information like ikipedia rather than going through the trouble of studying that campus's library resources and the researchers tried to ascertain some of the reasons directly responsible for the growing dependency on internet materials. In this study, twenty-one undergraduate students from a public university in the United States which is not named in the study for the sake of anonymity of the participants were questioned about their study and research practices. hat started out as a statistical evaluation of the percentage of students who use internet-based…

Works Cited

Colon-Aguirre, M. & Fleming-May, R. (2012). You just type in what you are looking for:

undergraduates' use of library resources vs. Wikipedia. The Journal of Academic Librarianship. Elsevier. 38 (6). 381-99.

Overarching Goal of This Study
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Good researchers tend to pull methods out of a tool kit as they are needed" (2006, p. 54). Notwithstanding these criticisms and constraints, though, most social researchers seem to agree that classification by some type of research paradigm is a useful approach based on the need to determine which approach is best suited for a given research enterprise. In this regard, Corby concludes that, "The contested nature of research makes it impossible and unhelpful to ignore the different aims and purposes of various research projects and the methods and approaches being used to carry them out" (2006, p. 54). Therefore, the different aims and purposes of the positivist research paradigm, the constructivist research paradigm and the pragmatic research paradigm are discussed further below.

Positivist Research Paradigm

The positivist research paradigm is a quantitative-based approach that generally seeks to identify trends and patterns that can be used to formulate predictions concerning…


Ames, S.L., Gallaher, P.E., Sun, P. & Pearce, S. (2005). A Web-based program for coding open-ended response protocols. Behavior Research Methods, 37(3), 470-471.

Authors provide a description of a Web-based application that provides researchers with the ability to analyze participant-generated and open-ended data. Authors note that the application was developed in order to take advantage of online surveying based on its ease of use and flexibility. Authors note that this application may be of particular value to researchers who are employing large sample sizes that are frequently needed for projects in which frequency analyses are required. The application uses a grid-based set of criteria to establish codes for participant-generated and open-ended data collected from online surveys and can be applied for scoring results from stem completion,-word or picture associations, and comparable purposes in which such participant-generated responses require categorization and coding. Authors advise that they use this application for their professional online surveying purpose in experimental psychology to examine substance abuse patterns derived from participant-generated responses to various verbal and nonverbal associative memory problems, but that the application is also appropriate for other research areas as well. Authors also note that the application helps improve survey reliability by providing a systematic approach to coding participant-generated responses as well as evaluating the quality of coding and interjudge reliability by researchers with little or no specific training for the purposes. Authors conclude that the coding application is helpful for survey research that uses open-ended responses in virtually any research area of interest.

Austin, T.M., Richter, R.R. & Reinking, M.F. (2008). A primer on Web surveys. Journal of Allied Health, 37(3), 180-181.

Authors report that survey research has become a widely accepted research methodology that has been facilitated through the introduction of computer-based and online survey methods. Authors also emphasize that although electronic survey methods are useful in a wide range of settings for a variety of purposes, they are not appropriate in every situation. Online surveys involve various technologies that have not been available (or required) for paper-and-pencil surveys and require special considerations involving their design, pilot testing, and response rates. Authors present the results of their empirical observations and professional experience in using Web-based surveys to illustrate some of the advantages and disadvantages of the approach, including security and confidentiality issues (they make the point that electronic surveys are particularly vulnerable to compromise and that survey data must be protected as the research progresses) as well as the special considerations that must be taken into account as they apply to this surveying approach. Authors also discuss issues such as sampling error, a "how-to" guide to writing survey questions for online media, and how to order questions to ensure that respondents answer accurately and faithfully. All in all, this was a very timely guide for researchers for identifying when Web-based surveys are most appropriate and what factors should be taken into account in the design, posting and analysis of online surveys.

Intellectual Diversity on the Surface the Academic
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Intellectual Diversity

On the surface, the Academic Bill of Rights (ABOR) sounds innocuous and even full of cliches and platitudes about pluralism and academic freedom for all. Given that its author is David Horowitz, however, a 1960s Leftist ideologue who transformed himself into a Rightist ideologue over the last thirty years, a deeper examination reveals a hidden political agenda. His Bill of Rights or any other project in which he is involved should therefore never even be considered by any university or legislature. Contrary to what he claims in the ABOR, he is not in the least interested in promoting balance, fairness or pluralism in the university or anywhere else in American society, and all his efforts are simply stalking horses for the far Right. A man like this should never be allowed to get his foot in the door, no matter how polished his verbiage might be. Horowitz was…


Academic Bill of Rights (ABOR). Students for Academic Freedom. 2007. 

Cohen, Patricia. "Professors' Liberalism Contagious? Maybe Not." New York Times, November 2, 2008.

Ethical Goal of Education
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principals who are equity-oriented, marginalized dynamics may crop up in schools that are changing demographically at a rapid pace (Cooper, 2009). This essay reflects upon how educators may play the role of transformative leaders by way of carrying out cultural work that tackles inequity, addresses and/or attempts to remove socio-cultural limits, and promotes inclusion. The theories of Cornel West on 'the new cultural politics of difference' appraise the topic, as do literary works on transformative leadership to promote social justice.

Highlighting the ever-changing policy responses in the history of educational leadership, along with their contextual settings, explains the necessity for another glimpse at the manner in which educational leadership should be considered in recent times. Gale & Densmore (2003) found that educational leaders are now faced with contradictory pressures -- on the one hand, to favor some student groups over others, yet, on the other hand, to ensure that disadvantaged…


Appiah, K.A. (2006). The politics of identity. Daedulus, 135(4), 15-22.

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Brown, K.M. (2004). Leadership for social justice and equity: Weaving a transformative framework and pedagogy. Education Administration Quarterly, 40(1), 77-108.

Life Goal Is to Ultimately
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Diversity is a topic of study that I believe to be essential in just about anything that one may encounter. It is because of this that I would make this mandatory for all students wishing to pursue a degree at my university. There is no longer a majority race in the United States; just about every race and ethnicity from all over the world is represented, but not everyone knows much about other people and other lifestyles outside of their own, or outside of what they have been directly exposed to. Cultural diversity needs to be understood from a sociological perspective and because of this, it should be a mandated topic of study. The real world contains people who come from different backgrounds, both economically and socially. Exposing students to the topic of cultural diversity may not fix everything in the world, but I would make sure that my…

Role of Gender in Academic
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This raises the question of the extent to which this particular qualitative methodology is successful in terms of large generalizations.

In general, the qualitative method of data acquisition and research has many advantages over the more restrictive and rigid quantitative methodologies. Qualitative research seeks a more in-depth and holistic view of the subject and is particularly well suited in terms of taking account of the plethora of variables that may occur in the process of investigation. Quantitative research on the other hand is usually bounded by questions of measurement and invariably starts with a predetermined set of parameters about the research and is therefore restricted in terms of its contextual and investigative potential. Qualitative research is therefore more successful in education research and the social sciences; where the subjective element and the participation of the data sample group are also taken into account. Many researchers prefer this methods as they…


Hubbard L. 'The role of gender in academic achievement '(2005) International

Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education Vol. 18, No. 5, September-October 2005, pp. 605-623

Myers M.D. Qualitative Research in Information Systems. Retrieved June 22, 2007 at

Qualitative Research Methods. Retrieved June 22, 2007 at

Ethics of Academic
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brazenly 'sampled' from a book, the dictionary, and 'remixed' into a news story," writes Julian Sanchez in an annoyed response to court rulings on sampling in the music industry. His phrasing, however, perfectly encapsulates the real problems in defining and avoiding plagiarism. In the attempt to express my own personal understanding and interpretation of plagiarism, I quickly found that despite the most sincere attempt to develop such an interpretation was bound to failure. In a moment of sarcasm, I might express a fear of plagiarizing from the honor codes of universities across the nation if I were to merely parrot back the description of plagiarism which involves not only "using another writer's words without proper citation" (CACCAS) but also "using another writer's ideas without proper citation." (CACCAS), definitions which are used verbatim in student handbooks wherever English is spoken. The problem is more significant, however, than this flippancy might make…


Alberta U. "Why Students Plagiarize." Learning Services. University of Alberta. 2004. 

Budge, E.A. Wallis. "The Book of the Dead." New York: Gramercy Books, 1999.

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Critical Art Ensemble. "Utopian Plagiarism, Hypertextuality, and Electronic Cultural Production." Critical Issues in Electronic Media. Penny, Simon, ed. New York: Suny Press, 1994, 105-118.

three'short term goals 1-2 years
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Nursing Goals

Specific: Hone Interpersonal Abilities

Measurable: e a part-time preceptor to novice nurses

Attainable: Engage in one-on-one work with nurses fresh out of university, as this role necessitates explaining all hospital operations clearly, right from updating patient charts to working in collaboration with the organization's workforce, including doctors and other nurses.

Realistic: The above experience helps gear up for the nurse educator's role well before enrolling in an advanced course.

Timely: Attain this goal within a period of 1 year (Williams, 2016)

Specific: Develop Clinical Experience

Measurable: Work independently full-time

Attainable: Obtain comprehensive, practical, clinical experience prior to transitioning to the educator roles. Further, concentrate on emergency medicine, pediatrics, or some other specialized field.

Realistic: Concentrate entirely on patient treatment, prior to teaching distinct criteria

Timely: Attain this goal within a 2-year period (Kelly, 2011)

Goal # 3

Specific: Acquire a Teaching Certificate

Measurable: Earn a general nursing educator…


ANS. (n.d.). About a doctoral degree in nursing. Retrieved from All Nursing Schools: 

Kelly, P. (2011). Nursing Leadership & Management. Boston: Cengage Learning.

Kemppainen, V., Tossavainen, K., & Turunen, H. (2012). Nurses' roles in health promotion practice: an integrative review. Health Promot. Int.

Williams, E. (2016). An Example of Short-Term Goals to Becoming a Nurse Educator. Retrieved from Chron:

Tenure in Academic Institutions Aper
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Fairweather (2002) advocates the well-rounded professor who is a master of both teaching and research. In his study, Fairweather (2002) found that the emphasis on research vs. teaching varies significantly based on the type of institution. Further, the researcher found that a very small number of faculty members were able to achieve both teaching and research excellence, and that being in the classroom positively affected both variables.

Miron, J.A. (2001, September 24). he economics of the enure System. Retrieved July

19, 2009, from Library of Economics and Liberty Web Site:

Discussing the modern controversy over the tenure system, Miron (2001) presents both sides, in addition an alternate view. He shows that critics of tenure see the practice as offering overcompensation for the amount of work performed by academics. Further, he writes that those who commend tenure suggest it allows for academic freedom. Arguing that the current arguments against tenure…

Tierney, W.G. (1997, January/February). Organizational Socialization in Higher

Education. Journal of Higher Education. 68.1, pp. 1-14.

Posing a new argument in the popular debate regarding socialization in higher education, Tierney (1997) makes several remarks that are of interest to one studying the effects of tenure. Pointing out that few faculty members know what exactly is expected of them, other than a general demand to produce, the author allows the reader to understand the nature of tenure better. Studying socialization, Tierney (1997) offers two views of socialization: the modernist and postmodernist. According to the modernist perspective, the goal of socialization is to learn culture. In the postmodern view, culture is more fluid, defined by each person in the culture, and socialization is the process by which one becomes a part of that culture. According to Tierney (1997) results interviews with academics support both views.

College Grades Accurately Reflect the Academic Capabilities
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college grades accurately reflect the academic capabilities of students. I base my argument on my personal experience. In order to achieve a 3.74/4 grade point average, I spent not only countless number of hours in studying but also found my self-learning the subtleties of analytical logic and descriptive frameworks. My academic background reflects both of the above novelties: my educational knowledge in areas such as Economics, Mathematics, and Computer Science entails the use of analytical logic, while my interests and education in English, French, and Latin literatures involve the application of descriptive frameworks. The knowledge of integration of analytical and descriptive schemas has provided me ample opportunities to view the intricacies and interactions between different subject areas. My interdisciplinary educational background has been quite useful in making my critical decisions in carrying out my work successfully.

A find that in order to achieve a 3.74 grade point average requires one…

Improving Academic Achievement Tiered Instruction RTI vs Block Scheduling
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block and the response to intervention (TI) tiered approaches to education. Block education can best be defined as a method of manipulating the time available for teaching in the daily curriculum in a high school environment in a comprehensive and efficient manner in order to most effectively teach students. The TI tiered approach is an approach that is systematic in its design, and allows for students to move at their own respective pace while still demanding results in a structured manner. The TI approach in education takes place as a way of intervening in a student's progress (or lack thereof) before the overall effect of the non-progression leads to severe educational handicaps. The block education is used in a more physical educational setting and is used to allow a more flexible approach to education.

This literature review seeks to determine how effective the TI educational approach is compared to the…


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Siop Lesson the Content Goal
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It also took into account the language attainment stages of development when handing out the lesson. After observing a third grade student at an elementary school, I was able to come up with a lesson plan that would be suitable for other students in the same situation using the state standards. My student name was Jose Sanchez and was a second generation Mexican-American. However, as a student in inclusion, he was pretty advanced in his reading and language skills. He along with the other students observed were interested in reading that involved the history of the United States. Jose spoke English really well and had excellent comprehension skills. The other students observed were able to pick out key words in paragraphs and would look them up themselves in order to get a good understanding of what they were reading. These students along with Jose developed a love for reading which…

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Career Goal
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Career Goals

Please discuss how you plan to achieve your short-term and long-term career goals. What challenges will you face and how will you leverage your professional and academic experiences to achieve these goals?

My very first short-term goal is to secure an admission into graduate school for a master in finance program, where I intend to enhance my current knowledge and build professional networks that will steer me to a supervisory position in the Structured Finance Group of an established financial institution such as Latham & Watkins or Sandler & O'Neill. I look forth to supervising a group of between 5 and 8 by the end of my degree program. This will not only give me an opportunity to market my skills within the company and beyond, but will also be a door-opener for the realization of my middle-term goal, which is to be the leader of the structured…

Brands A Goal Fluency Account
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In terms of the messages it transmits, these have a triple value -- to customers, to organizations and to the academicians. To customers, it transmits that demand for certain products can be increased or decreased through marketing efforts. To economic entities, it sends the message that consistency across marketing endeavors is crucial for ultimate success. For the academic community, it constitutes a new angle for assessment of marketing efforts.

An extension of the study could go deeper and assess if there exists a link between customer perceptions related to goal fluency and the type of product sold, not just brand. It could assess different categories of products, such as every day commodities or luxury products.


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