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Reality-Based Education

Case #1

Nathan Rosillo should take his case to the highest levels of the Chem-Tech corporate ladder. And if that doesn't work, he should conduct some ground-level research, which will be spelled out in this paper. He not only should work diligently and professionally towards presenting his case -- that the company should avoid dumping waste into the Dutch Valley River -- because it's the river he loves. He should press his case because it's the right thing to do for the environment and because ultimately, if his work is successful, it would show that Chem-Tech is a corporately responsible organization.

So, Nathan should follow the first choice in Case #1; he should not be a passive bystander. He should begin his quest to save the river by researching applicable laws (The Clean Water Act), and he should research those regulatory agencies that have loosened requirements on dumping waste directly into the river. He needs to -- on his own time, so he could never be accused of undercutting his own company's policies -- find out specifically, what legal justification did the local regulatory...


Nathan should get assurances from the journalist that he (Nathan) is just working behind the scenes and could lose his job if the company found out he was trying to change the company's policy towards dumping.

The Clean Water Act of 1972 made it "unlawful to discharge any pollutant from a point source in navigable waters, unless a permit is obtained" (EPA). That sounds like any local or regional regulatory agency could simply bypass the law. The EPA does have a "Compliance and Enforcement Process" however, and Nathan should contact the EPA about its "Plan EJ…

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