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¶ … supply chain dynamics and what part forecasting and supply chain infrastructure plays in the development and movement of a new product, let alone one that has been around a while and whose sales are predictable. Of course, individual supply chains and the systems they make up play a large part in the overall results for everyone. There is also forecasting and how it affects just-in-time (JIT) production and lean production and this is especially true in automotive manufacturing plants. While other systems may yield decent to great results at times, proper forecasting coupled with the right supply chain system, such as JIT and Lean, are the normal coin of the realm and this will likely not change for some time.


Forecasting is the art of projecting how much of an item or supply will be needed and what will need to happen to get things where they are needed and when they are needed. However, the question posed for this assignment points to a brand new product. Indeed, projecting what will happen and what will be needed for a new product is entirely dependent on what goes into making the product as well as how well it does or does not sell. Of course, supply chains are almost always part of larger systems and if one bogs down, the others will have to adjust accordingly even if that means slowing down from optimal production schedules. This...


While there are many processes and people involved in making computer memory, there are times where resin becomes cost-prohibitive and/or unavailable and this causes major issues with everyone from the people who make the memory to those that wish to buy it at good prices (Cheng, 2014). Automotive manufacturing is no different. If any minor or major component of a car such as the rubber, the fluids or the metal becomes hard to get cheaply or hard to get no matter what, then the production cycle will grow larger and larger. This means it will take longer to make a car and this will drive up costs (Gonzalez-Benito, Lannelongue & Alfaro-Tanco, 2013; Bohme et al., 2014).

The author will now, also at the request of the assignment parameters, make up a rudimentary supply chain for the selling of canned peaches to consumers. Indeed, there would be three major parts to such a chain. The peaches would have to be grown (or bought), then brought to the warehouse and then canned. Upon canning, the canned peaches would…

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