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Other credit card issuers are proceeding more cautiously. MBNA, for example, the second-biggest card lender in the United States, after Citibank, said in April that it had set up an office in Shanghai to study the market (Kingson, 2004)."

Many credit card providers are waiting until the restrictions are lifted in China before determining whether or not to open. It is important to study the impact that the lifting of those restrictions will have on the Chinese credit card market.

With the impending events in Beijing, and the fact that foreign companies are soon going to be able to come into China and offer credit cards the potential is there according to the literature to grow a credit card market that is strong and safe, however being sure how consumers will react is an important factor in determining whether to keep working on the credit card market.


There are several methods of study that can be used when it comes to a research study. For the purpose of this study several methods were researched and then discarded. The first method that was examined and discarded was the literature review. Literature reviews are a respected method of research in many areas of study.

For this study a literature review was determined to be an ineffective method of research for two reasons. The first reason is because there is very little literature published thus far about the market in the future for credit cards in China. The second reason it was rejected is for the purpose of how a market will do in the future it is important to use new research rather than study the old.

The second method that was examined and rejected was case study. A case study allows the researcher to get in depth conversations and information with the study participant. This is a good method if one participant or a few are needed but for research that is to be more large scale it is important to choose a method that is less time consuming.

The method that was chosen for the purpose of this study was the survey method. Surveys allow many more participants to be polled. The population can be much wider and broad-based which will allow a cross section of the population.

The survey method will be used because it also allows the data that is collected to be used in several manners.

The survey will be sent to participants that will be chosen from a larger population. The participants will be asked to fill out the survey and send it back in a self addressed stamped envelope. The participants will have two months to return the survey after which time it will be considered void.

The data will be collected and input into a computer so that the data can later be extracted in various categories and needs.

The survey will consist of three areas. The first one will include demographic information including age, geographic area, and marital status.

The second section will consist of current financial information including current income, occupation, salary expectations over the next 10 years and bills owed. The participant will be asked if he or she currently holds any credit cards and if the answer is yes, which ones and what the balance on them currently is.

The participant will then move to section three where he or she will answer questions about the future.

The questions will include whether foreign banks and lending institutions are more stable and will give better service in the credit card market. The survey will also ask if the participant believes that opening the market to foreign banks etc. will provide a more secure credit card environment.

The participant will be asked if they will be willing to secure, carry and use a credit card in the future if the credit card is provided by a foreign institution.

This section will also ask the participant what type of purchases may be made on a future credit card and what amount of interest they believe will be a fair and equitable rate for them to pay. This section will also ask with multiple choice answers available whether they have friends or family that already own and use a credit card and if so what do they think of their use and service thus far.

Data Collection

The data will be gathered and divided into useable and non-useable groups. The incomplete surveys, the surveys that say they already have a credit card and those that come in after the deadline will be entered into one data base, while all others will be entered into the current research data base.


This will allow for study of the information in many different avenues because it can be extracted through different key words and data retrieval methods.

This researcher believes that once the restrictions are lifted and foreign companies are no longer banned from providing services to individuals in China that the credit card market will explode. This research proposal will determine if there is indeed a desire and need for a market using foreign institutions. The survey will allow future study as well because of the diversity of information that the study will gather.


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