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Crime is a transgression of the law on the part of a person or an organization. In order for a crime to be committed, there has to be some formal law enacted which prohibits an action or an occurrence. Furthermore, that law has to then be transgressed for a crime to take place. One of the main areas of crime is violent crime. Violent crime occurs when individuals act aggressively or hostilely towards one another, and choose to inflict corporal pain and punishment. This sort of crime can take place virtually anywhere. In the United States, for example, violent crime occurs fairly regularly in urban environments. Common types of violent crime include shootings, stabbings, and physical violence in the form of fighting.

Violent crime is actually stratified into blue collar crime, which is crime committed by working class people. Working class people generally commit crimes because of some deficiency in their lives. Such deficiencies may include dearth of food, income, shelter, etc. Other than violent crime, examples of blue collar crime include selling drugs, robbery or armed robbery, and human trafficking or pimping and pandering and prostitution.

Another major stratification of criminality is referred to as white collar crime. White collar crime usually takes place at the corporate level, and on the whole is a lot more devastating in the repercussions it produces. For instance, a common blue collar crime is a shooting between two relatively poor individuals who may have few assets or positives in their lives. White collar crime committed by corporations and executives within such organizations can involve several billions dollars' worth of money. More importantly, white collar crime can involve the very upper echelons of society -- such as political and governmental organizations, environmental laws, and concerns that cross nations and encompass the world.…

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