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In addition, victims may make a written victim impact statement and present their statement to the court.

Corrections: Identify 2 to 3 correctional facilities in Louisiana. Provide information about the types of facilities they are (maximum or minimum security); the types of designs; whether they are private or public; their population statistics; and their type of crime statistics.

The Elayn Hunt Correctional Center is the second largest prison within the state of Louisiana. It is a maximum security facility, housing within its confines all three levels of custody: maximum, medium and minimum. "EHCC receives and holds inmates with medium and maximum security for disciplinary transfers, mental health and medical concerns, shock incarceration participants, lifers, and trustees assigned to work crews" (Elayn Hunt Correctional Center, 2009). It is a centralized multi-service facility diversified in functions that benefit all of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections. It has an inmate population of 2,105 (Elayn Hunt Correctional Center, 2009).

The David Wade Correctional Center is a multi-level security institution, which opened in 1980. Inmates are kept in restrictive cellblocks, working cellblocks, or dormitories, according to their custody level, conduct, and needs. In 1992, the DWCC became the first state-operated Louisiana correctional institution to be accredited by the American Correctional Association. The DWCC also includes a 522-bed satellite unit, Forcht-Wade, in Caddo Parish. Forcht-Wade houses inmates from the northern part of the state who are being processed into the state correctional system and those who are geriatric or infirm and not eligible for medical furlough. The location of this facility helps it to facilitate the efficient delivery of medical services needed by these inmates as it is located near the LSU Medical Center in Shreveport and its School of Allied Health. The DWCC has a maximum capacity of 1,731 inmates (08-414 Corrections Services - David Wade Correctional Center, n.d.).

Community: Explain the community's role by highlighting 2 to 3 community-based programs in Louisiana. Describe their purpose and functions.

The Louisiana Health and Rehab Center, Inc. is a private non-profit agency founded June 13, 2000 to provide residential services to female recovering addicts and their dependent children. Since its opening, the agency has grown in size and scope and presently successfully operates a variety of programs, both residential and community based. They continue to offer secure, wholesome, therapeutic living environments...


This comprehensive approach addresses both sides of the problem-preventing young people from becoming addicted while rehabilitating those who have already fallen into the trap of drug abuse. Narconon partners with local schools, parents, businesses, faith organizations and law enforcement. Their objective is to combine resources with other organizations to fully address drug abuse in the community.


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Damaged Areas Undamaged Areas

African-American 45.8% 26.4%

Under Poverty Line 29.9% 15.3%

Unemployed 7.6% 6.0%



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