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Crisis Counseling and Therapy

The precipitating events that are brought forward in the movie "Girl Interrupted" are the attempted suicide of a young girl on nineteen years. It concerned her parents that she failed to go forward and receive her high school diploma in a prestigious northeastern community. They also got to find out that their daughter was involved with an affair with one of their friend's husband. This involved the granting of sexual favors. She is depressed and also lacks a direction in life even after finishing her high school education in fact she does not want to go to college but instead wants to become a writer. She makes an attempt to get rid of her delusions and does this through the taking of vodka in combination with aspirin even though she denies and fails to consider her actions as being a suicide attempt rather she saw it as trying to make what she was going through stop. Her parents rush her to a mental institution after they find her in the situation that she was in. She is not sure whether she is insane or not and that is why she accepts to be admitted to a mental institution which was supposed to only be rest for few weeks but she ended up extending her stay for up to eighteen months.

The girl in the movie is faced with a serious crisis, first in her development. She does not seem to have any direction in life at her young age. At that age most of her age mates have dreams and ambitions
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that they want to accomplish after high school. This includes going through college education to acquire some knowledge in a career that would land them a good job. She is also in a situational crisis whereby in the mental institution that she is admitted she meets other women who are darker and more diseased in their personalities as compared to her. She goes ahead to befriend these girls among them is a pathological liar, a victim of sexual abuse, burn victim and a psychopath. She stays in an environment that is bizarre in the institution and her troubled psyche. The mental institution is disconcerting and discomforting to the girl to stay. There was also confinement within the institution there are strict rules that dictate the daily routines of the patients. The field trips in the hospital are few and require a system that is complex that revolves around the patients being accompanied by nurses. At some point she goes through an episode of depersonalization that makes her attempt to open her hand in an attempt to confirm that she truly had bones beneath her skin. She is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder when in the institution.

The girl has doctors and nurses at her disposal at the institution. She particularly befriends a nurse who had won her respect due to her no-nonsense approach in her job and the willingness she had to stand up to the doctors in the institution. She also has a psychiatrist who is more than willing to help her in her path to recovery.

The girl…

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