Cultural Advances Made Islamic World Tenth Fifteenth Essay

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¶ … cultural advances made Islamic world tenth fifteenth centuries? Reference Book: A History World Societies, Eighth Edition, Vol1 by: McKay, Hill, Buckler, Ebrey, Beck, Crowston, & Wiesner-Hanks

The apogee of the Islamic world when considering cultural and scientific innovations took place between the tenth and fifteenth centuries A.D. Islamic art flourished during this period, as Muslims started to experience significant progress in creating artwork using ceramics, glass, and metals. Similarly, the intellectual segment experienced great developments as individuals started to write more and more manuscripts and as calligraphy progressed. In spite of the fact that philosophy was a field that Muslims were generally reluctant to address because it was believed to be accountable for inducing unorthodox thinking in individuals, many Muslims did not hesitate to express philosophical thought and were actually very successful in doing so.

A great deal of Muslims focused on philosophical thought...


Their enterprise made it possible for the Muslim community to be consolidated and for Muslims to generally gain a better understanding of how society works. This era is remembered for having produced some of the most notable Islamic thinkers and for having assisted Islam in improving the theories that it put across.

The Muslim world became one of the leading centers of trade, knowledge, and affluence during the time-period spanning from the tenth to the fifteenth century. In addition to this, many individuals believe that Islamic thought is responsible for having caused a great deal of reforms throughout Europe, considering that European philosophy is largely based on Muslim thinking expressed during the era. One of the most intriguing concepts about Islamic thought during the time period was that Muslims were not the only ones who thrived as a result of exploiting the state's…

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