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Such an inclination to dismiss work like Hofstede's might rather be defined as bad science, because the definition of validity that is used in the human sciences now is one that has been imported from the hard sciences in an attempt to transfer to the human sciences the prestige of the hard sciences.

However the concept of validity is not based on a single research methodology. Instead it refers to a specific epistemological approach, which is that to be valid a study has to be able accurately to answer any question(s) that it is intended to provide a response to. Experimental validity arises from the fact that the research methodology and design provide an accurate way to measure what it is intended to measure.

This last specification, which is accepted to the point of being nearly universal,...


Thus any argument that Hofstede's work is invalid because it has a circularity about its working definition of validity would be to hold his research to a higher standard than is in any way considered to be reasonable within the field.

Hofstede's work meets the standard of validity for contemporary research in the social sciences in that it creates a measurement tool (in the form of his research design) that does in fact measure what it is designed to do. Any remaining objections to this claim to validity might be assuaged by conceptualizing Hofstede's work within the framework of qualitative or mixed-method research.

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