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There is no one-size-fits-all method for writing cyber bullying essay titles.  Papers on cyber bullying can range from academic and scholarly in tone and format to argumentative or opinion-based editorials.  They can be factual, satirical, persuasive, or skeptical.  Depending on how your essay is in tone, the approach you take to coming up with a title will vary.  For this kind of essay, it is recommended that your essay title simply reflect in tone and style the substance and type of essay you’ve written.  Here are some examples of the various ways these titles could look.

Top 25 Best Cyber-Bullying Essay Titles

1. 10 Ways Parents Can Prevent Cyber Bullying among Adolescents

2. Don’t Want to Get Bullied Online?  Stop Taking Social Media So Seriously and Live Your Life!

3. A Case Study in How Cyber Bullying Can Lead to Suicide:  The Life and Death of a Young Midwestern Teenager

4. No Time for Oversight:  How Parental Absence Has Created a Vacuum That Teens Attempt to Fill with Social Media and Why They Become Prey to Predators

5. When Schoolyard Bullying Spills over to Cyber Bullying and Vice Versa:  Red Flags Teachers Should Know

6. When to Report Cyber Bullying to the Authorities and When to Put a Stop to It by Standing up for Oneself

7. An Over-Reliance on Social Media Has Created a Culture in Which Cyber Bullying Proliferates:  A Randomized Trial of Social Media Using Teenagers in Flyover States

8. Are Social Media Influencers Engaging in
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Surreptitious Cyber Bullying?  Analysis of 12 Social Media Influencer Accounts across Platforms

9. How to Spot a Cyber Bully:  What Social Media Users Should Look For

10. When Platforms Turn Hostile:  5 Steps to Neutralizing a Cyber Bully and Putting  a Stop to Online Harassment

11. Identifying  Your Own Micro-Aggressions:  5 Ways You are Acting like a Cyber Bully without Even Realizing It

12. The Direct Relationship between Cancel Culture and Cyber Bullying

13. Is Everyone…

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…One Cyber Bully at a Time

20. How Cyber Bullying is a Direct Result of a Lack of Character Education

21. Everyone’s a Critic:  How Social Media Has Unleashed Everybody’s Inner Iago

22. Wasting Time on Twitter:  Trolling as a Recreational Sport in the 21st Century

23. The Ethics of Trolling:  Is It Too Far or Not Far Enough?

24. Rehabilitating a Cyber Bully:  Teaching Kids That Words Matter

25. Anonymity and the New Frontier for Bullies Online


Cyber bullying essay titles should be fun if the essay is fun; they should be serious if the paper itself is more scholarly and academic.  However, there is no hard and fast rule either way.  Some scholars like using fun “hooks” to get the reader’s attention.  The best solution here is to use a title that reflects the main idea of the essay.  Don’t fret too much over it:  so long as your title captures the essence of the paper and isn’t misleading, all will be…

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