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Visual Basic Scripting Edition, also known as VB Script is a common and popular scripting language based on Microsoft's Visual Basic. VB script is considered lightweight, and easy to use and is interpreted at very rapid speeds. The language of VB Script is mostly not dependent on case or syntax, making working with tool very easy. The use of VB Script and scripting in general is very beneficial in many computing applications, especially for databases, as the rest of this summary will focus on to highlight the repetitive tasks that can be handled with a well written script.

Adding and deleting raw data into a database can be significantly enhanced with a useful script that assists in the immediate sorting and filing of the data. The more complex and complicated the data, the more valuable the scripting comes into play. This same idea can be used when it is necessary to delete multiple records from a database in a single query. Additionally, the data within any database will need to be continually updated and altered depending on the purpose of the software. Scriptwriters can apply the fundamental benefits of well written...


The most important factor is to ensure that the scripts reflect a useful and practical purpose that is essential to the work or task being performed. This alignment is key to not only writing an effective script, but also maximizing the computing power of any system. By incorporating scripts in this holistic fashion they can serve to benefit the user even more.

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Databases are collections of information that can be manipulated to form useful tools and artifacts for various applications. A relational database expresses this data in a relational form. The key to making a database have a relational quality is the ability to link various forms together in a logical and cohesive manner that systemizes the effort into a collective. A filed within a database is a single piece of data or information that is reduced down to its purest essence. A filed can be contained with any type of data including numbers, colors, names etc..

A record in database terminology is a collection of fields that have a direct or indirect connection or relationship.…

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