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The writer provides some crucial insights into the future of, and challenges facing tele-health. Interestingly, the writer mentions the need to increase the adoption of telehealth services in rural areas. This requires an understanding of the causes of low telehealth adoption in rural areas. According to Gurupur and Miao (2022), challenges in telehealth implementation in rural areas are in three broad areas: profitability of implementing telehealth, the rural populations efficacy in using telehealth, and the availability of wired and wireless networks. More specifically, rural communities lack access to the infrastructure needed to implement telehealth and effective reimbursement models (Gurupur & Miao, 2022). They also lack the education and training needed to implement telehealth (Gurupur & Miao, 2022). Addressing these challenges will go a long way towards increasing telehealth adoption in rural areas. On a different note, studies have shown that telemental health is an effective alternative to conventional mental health, providing adaptable, effective, and affordable mental care for patients (Langarizadeh et al., 2017). Thus, there may also be a need to sensitize the population about the ability of telehealth facilities to respond effectively to mental health issues as a means to increase usage rates in…to build rapport and address their patients needs.

A second strategy would be to replace structured ward rounds with semi-structured ward rounds (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, 2018). Structured rounds use structured charts and checklists geared at soliciting direct, structured responses from patients (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, 2018). Semi-structured rounds fall between the structured and unstructured extremes. They do not confine the nurse to structured checklists, but allow room for the patient to give open, guided responses that help in building rapport with the nurse. This helps enhance patient satisfaction as it provides an opportunity to better…

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