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Depression and Family

Depression is a very serious condition which can have some surprising effects on those who are experiencing this mental state. Depression is often looked upon as a negative consequence of the human condition as it sends a message to the world that life is not worth living and the zest and appeal of all that life has to offer is not available for that person experiencing depressed moods.

The purpose of this essays is to examine the topic of depression and how this condition's secondary effects are very significant. This essay will argue that not only does depression cause the acute and noticeable signs most commonly associated with the mental state, but also that depression may be the cause of other physical ailments. Additionally, this essay will examine how depression affects those closest to the one suffering and what steps can be taken to help prevent the secondary effects to take hold and further debilitate the situation.

What is Depression?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health "everyone occasionally feels blue or sad. But these feelings are usually short-lived and pass within a couple of days. When you have depression, it interferes with daily life and causes pain for both you and those who care about you. Depression is a common but serious illness." Depression is something stronger than negative thoughts. Depression is a sign that something is not right in the mind and body and help is needed.

There are several types of depression that can help narrow down the specific problem a person is having. Major depression is serious and will have significant ramifications in the sufferers' daily life. Most people will experience some bout of major depression in their lifetime and the unfortunate will have several battles with this illness. People suffering from minor depression where the symptoms are less acute, must be careful to monitor their condition in case it increases in severity. The most afflicted with depression are diagnosed with psychotic depression where "which occurs when a person has severe depression plus some form of psychosis, such as having disturbing false beliefs or a break with reality (delusions), or hearing or seeing upsetting things that others cannot hear or see (hallucinations)," (National Institute of Health, nd).

No one is really confident in the causes of depression but most researchers and scientists believe that the problem is rooted in brain chemistry. Kenny (2012) wrote "some people are more prone to it, and it can develop for no apparent reason. You may have no particular problem or worry, but symptoms can develop quite suddenly. So, there may be some genetic factor involved that makes some people more prone to depression than others." These is unfortunate for those cursed with genes predisposed to depression.

The symptoms of depression are important for everyone concerned about their mental health to realize. A person in a constant sad or lowered mood may be a person who is depressed. Those who have lost interest in the joys and pleasures of life should be considered suffering from sort of depression. Changes in appetite, sleep problems and feelings of sluggishness and worthlessness are other common symptoms as well, (Kenny, 2012).

How Does Depression Affect Physical Health?

Depression in people who suffer from this illness may have a significant and long lasting negative effect on the immune system. The immune system as the main line defense to any physical illness is vulnerable during a bout of depression and puts the sufferer at a heightened risk of a worsening physical condition.

Depression has the tendency to increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease as well. Some researchers suggest that depression also may influence the risk of developing diabetes. Patients with depression are not of sound mind and will ignore solid medical advice and will not obey orders to follow healthy diets.. Untreated…

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