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Depression Scores Among College Students

The first symptoms of depression tend to occur during college years as college students suffering from this condition do not receive the needed help. While there are various reasons for the failure by these students to receive needed help, one of the most common reasons is the assumption that the condition is part of normal stress of college. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (n.d.), depression is a common but severe condition that is usually characterized by feelings of anxiety or sadness. College students are increasingly vulnerable to suffering from depression since typical college life is characterized by stress. Actually, many college students sometimes feel anxious or sad, but the emotions disappear quickly i.e. within a short period of time. If these symptoms prolong and become untreated, the individual develops depression which interferes with his/her ability to perform daily activities.

Literature Review

According to the findings of a national survey by the American College Health Association -- National College Health Assessment, approximately 30% of college students reportedly feel depressed during their school years (National Institute of Mental Health, n.d.). Amr et. al. (2013) concurs with the findings of this survey by arguing that depression is one of the mental health problems among college students that are increasingly becoming a significant and growing public health concern that requires epidemiological data (p.1). Depression is a major public health concern among college students since they are prone to stress brought by the transitional nature of college life. Brandy (2011) agrees by stating that depression among college students is mainly brought by the stressful experience of transitioning to college life for the first time. College students risk developing depressive symptomology because of the challenges they face when adapting to changes brought by college life. Geisner, Mallett & Kilmer (2012), state that depression and alcohol abuse are usually reported among college students, especially during their first year in college because of the challenges of adapting to life changes (p.1).

Given the increased vulnerability of college students to depression, examining the factors that generate the condition, its occurrence among male and female students, and impact on academic performance is becoming an increasingly important phenomenon. One of the most commonly used ways to evaluate this condition is through conducting a survey among male and female students in college. There are arguments that depression scores among college students will be significantly different between men and women. Geisner, Mallett & Kilmer (2012), argue that gender differences play a significant role in the prevalence of depressive symptoms among college students in relation to alcohol consumption (p.3). They argue that gender moderates the relationship between alcohol consumption and depressed mood,…

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