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Destination development and marketing: Kaho'olawe, Hawaii

Kahoolawe: Destination Development and Marketing

Background Information on Kahoolawe

In the context of Hawaiian island chain, Kahoolawe is the smallest located towards the southwest of Maui. Kahoolawe is significant to the region for several ways thus the need towards its protection and preservation. To the native Hawaiians, the island of Kahoolawe is sacred because of the history, culture, and religious relations to the natural feature. In over thousand years ago, the island offered valuable habitat for several hundred Hawaiians. The inhabitants survived mainly through fishing and farming. Other individuals in this time depended on the development of stone tools. The island experienced a decline in relation to the decrease in the population of the inhabitants of the region. This exercise was mainly because of the lack of freshwater source, violent wars, and diseases. During the colonial era, the island was used as the prison for the colony. This changed in 1853 following the repealing of the law that made Kahoolawe a penal colony. Following the clean up and restoration process by the government of Hawaii, Kahoolawe island will act as an educational center in relation to the culture of the native Hawaiians. It will also focus on the development of recreational area for valuable connection with the land, sea, akua, and kupuna (

It is essential for the government of Hawaii to adopt and implement effective and efficient measures and plans towards the enhancement of the island as a tourist attraction with the aim of maintaining the culture, customs, and traditional aspects of the Hawaiian natives. The government can adopt and integrate several measures towards the development of the island while preserving the essential aspects such as culture.

Development of Educational Center

In the need to develop and enhance a tourist attraction or destination, the authority of Hawaii should focus on the development of an educational center on the island of Kahoolawe. This educational center should concentrate on the illustration of the culture, customs, beliefs, and norms of the natives of Hawaii. Through effective marketing and advertisement strategies, individuals across the globe will get to know the essence of the educational center on the island of Kahoolawe. The interested parties, tourists, will visit this island with the aim of learning or improving their knowledge on the cultural aspects of the inhabitants of the region. This approach will focus on the promotion of the culture of the inhabitants through provision of relevant knowledge and information concerning the island of Kahoolawe.

Development of Infrastructures

The first aspect towards the development of the island of Kahoolawe is to enhance the accessibility of the area through the development of the infrastructures such roads and facilities like hotels. Tourists like to visit the areas that are accessible because of the minimal difficulties in relation to the achievement of their goals. This will enable the authority and tourism sector to reduce the cost of transportation to and from the area thus aspects of development. The government will also increase the level of revenues and profits through increment in the number of tourists because of the accessibility of the area. Tourists also travel from different sections or regions across the globe. This makes it necessary for the government to construct facilities such as hotels and restaurants to facilitate the staying of tourists in the area. This will also focus on the improvement of the region through the creation of employment opportunities to the natives of Hawaii (Jurdana et al., p. 141).

Improvement of Security

Security is an essential factor in the determination of the number of tourists visiting an area. In order to improve and develop the destination of Kahoolawe as a tourist center, the priority of the government should be on the security improvement in the region. This will make tourists and natives feel secure thus essential in the increase, in the number of tourists in the region. This is essential for the increase in the level of revenues and profits for the improvement and development of the island through implementation of the funds for the achievement of the goals and objectives of the project (Mohd Yusof Hussain, et al., p. 61).

Development of Legal Provisions

Protection of the culture, traditional aspects, and customs of the natives of Hawaii in…

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