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Robot Cleaning Machine

Business Plan for a Cleaning Robot

Here at Top Not Cleaning Solutions we have a specific position of techniques, beliefs, and regulations for controlling a certain order when we make business decisions such as the idea that developing a new cleaning robot that the committee would like to propose which is the new plan to build, test, and market the new Bot2000. The purpose behind the new Bot2000 is to offer a more competitive machine that has all of the features of our current in home Bots500, and we believe by adding what the Bot1000 does for industries can attract different types of consumers. The buyers who need these cleaning solutions for their homes and businesses will be one of the target consumers as well as people, especially mothers who would like to do a more detailed cleaning of their homes, as well as people who own cleaning businesses because they will only need this one machine for all their needs.

The calculated elements that we would like to present to you the prices, place, manufactured goods (products), and promotions for the Bot2000 and the offer we will make for the consumers. Considering the recommendations that in 2011 guidelines, we feel that the that would be the most accommodating to manufacture and distribute this new product is that four of our main division centers which are the ones that are located in Sacramento, California, Denver, Colorado, New York, Detroit, Michigan, and Atlanta, Georgia. By having these four locations set up to build the Bot2000 this will decrease the distribution costs because instead of one main distribution center these four will be the places we can construct the machine after intense training so the drivers will only have to deliver the new product within a certain radius with only specific routes for each to deliver at one time a week instead of the regular two delivery runs as their regular route which will cut driving by each driver by 32% which is a total of 128% less driving. The price we have calculated based on the competitive prices of similar products as well as the price of the household and industrial cleaning robots we already make, and the variable costs of this new product. Currently the industrial Bot1000 cost consumers $1,500 with a variable cost of $750, and the Bot500 costs $750 with a variable costs of $375, therefore, the Bot2000 will cost our company $1,500 to make which will market for $3,000. As for the product itself, we have looked at the product life cycle after considerable facts and statistics on the other two cleaning machines we have as well as the customer lifecycle which focuses on the products that customers will utilize during their lives. Next, we have discussed, as a team, the promotion and the tools for our marketing department and what it will take and cost to advertise this phenomenal piece of equipment considering: newspaper, radio, and television promotions as well as advertisements on the Internet. Since people are the most important building block in this opportunity for Top Notch Cleaning Solutions we are using this approach to make sure we are cutting back on expenses and meeting the needs of individuals that are current and potential customers (, 2011).

In careful consideration in the logistic strategies, we have went by Logistics Bureau to help us systematize and advance in Supply Chain Management and Logistics procedures as a guideline to improve in areas of our company and to abide by the regulations of the economy. The consultants we have met with on several occasions about the Bot2000 have helped us in determining what is the best strategies for our Top Notch Cleaning Solutions including what challenges our company and the diverse objectives in a complex range to make certain that we have reasonable and effective outcomes (LogisticsBureau, 2007). Currently, our biggest challenge is being able to deliver these goods according to monthly and annually sales because there are no records just our presumptions on how effective this costs saving strategy will operate, and if this new product will be successful. Furthermore, they have assisted us in seven different ways by first discussing their outlook on what changes they feel will guarantee our team that our own supply chain and logistics approach and if it will support our company's purpose. Yet their reassurance to the administration was that since there were only two other competitors and the tests we did in the meeting showed that his new cleaning machine was more effective in homes, businesses, or both they and the other two competitive cleaning apparatuses. Then we discussed how to develop trade with superior merchandise accessibility to the buyer by looking at our current company overhead and how much profit should be used to build this new robot cleaner. The agency also facilitated us on ways to diminish operational funds, and how to decrease both the rate of supplies put on the market and the price of trading responsibly. The consultants look at other expenses that were unsuccessful, alternative solutions for buying parts with worthy and reliable, as well as, the cost differences with other wholesale companies compared to our current suppliers. The consultants and our committee managed to create a plan to determine the most useful techniques to do away with waste including our current waste system, looking at energy-efficient ways of recycling, and local outside businesses who work with waste management and recycled goods and their costs. Last, the Bureau gave us their recommendations on how to efficiently extend and perform reasonable but vital enhanced procedures that all 18 locations must abide by in order for our national business to work together in order for the Bot2000 to be the most dependable, talked about, and biggest seller on the market (LogisticsBureau, 2007).

The supply chain and logistics consulting approach illustrates magnificent features and benefits and has helped our committee and engineers who will be in charge of the design, operation and manufacturing equipment, and ensuring the machine operators and other qualified employees are fully aware and understand how to make the Bot2000 without errors once these workers are fully trained and pass certification classes. After this meeting took place, we were able to learn how to consult more effectively, put together data from both a quantitative and qualitative approach, and benchmarking by focusing on additional intelligibility of the equipment's dimensions of the rewards. In conclusion of the consultation, our administration is more aware of and can recognize appropriate patron commitment, and their suggestions are to have frequent personnel debates and purposeful classes to be able to offer purchaser guidance and coaching, as well as continuously maintain support (LogisticsBureau, 2007).

Another key factor in the development of the Bot2000 is focusing on our options in the human resources department of our company as it to how it relates to this business plan and what needs to be met in order to ensure the success here at Top Notch Cleaning Solutions because the staffing requirements to employ, train, and ensure that products and other up to par and exceed in dexterity, with loyal employees that are dependable with a good track record, background, work ethics, as well as, experience with working with machinery and mechanism, their skills, background and reputation, and most importantly education and duration at previous jobs. This can show that the right people that administration is looking for is the ones that better fit those basic needs can make a difference in how quickly this cleaning machine can be because of the people with the skills, that are dependable, and work well with their hands in order to meet quotas in meeting their needs. Furthermore, administration and human resource staff look into people's backgrounds find out what kind of behaviors they have as well as if they had been in any trouble can help determine in interviews the trustworthiness and honesty as well as if their efforts and if they have the education, reliable sources, and how they had been in previous positions to meet the job requirements.

The human resources department at Notch Cleaning Solutions place more roles in the company than just interviews because they are going to be trained effectively to guarantee that when they do give interviews that they are able to recognize someone that meets the requirements of the job by asking them pertinent questions that should be asked in working with innovative technology, ask them about how they feel and understand some of the terms that have to do with implementing the production line, what educational skills can relate to the job, as well as have they ever been in trouble in previous conditions by checking resources and asking about their criminal record to ensure that the art manufacturing the new product has the capability to do the job as well as speed and motivation that is considered during the hiring process.

This department will also be responsible for helping to advertise the new position…

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