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The development of new antidiabetic agents -- for example, insulin analogs and incretin-based therapies -- has led to new treatment strategies that will allow those patients with Type 2 DM to achieve target HbA1c levels (2011). However, he notes that there are many factors that can interfere with the ability of some patients to reach metabolic targets (2011). Clinical data shows that HbA1c concentration, blood pressure, and serum levels of lipids in patients with Type 2 DM are progressively decreasing toward the target goals set by the American Diabetes Association (2011). These improvements in metabolic regulation have resulted in a 30-40% decrease in reported microvascular and macrovascular complications of DM in the United States (2011). Gastric bypass surgery in morbidly obese people with Type 2 DM leads to remission of the DM in the majority of patients and improvement in the rest of them (2011). A major contributor to this improvement is a change in gastrointestinal hormone secretions (2011). Interventional surgery therefore might be considered a logical therapeutic alternative for overweight and obese people with Type 2 DM who do not respond well to medical therapy (2011).

In a study conducted by Pirkola, Pouta, Bloigu, Hartikainen, Laitinen, Jarvelin, and Vaarasmaki (2010), it was found that maternal prepregnancy overweight is an independent risk factor for offspring overweight and abdominal obesity at 16 years of age. The risks are highest in offspring with concomitant prenatal exposure to maternal prepregnancy overweight and GDM (gestational diabetes mellitus), whereas the risks associated with GDM are only small (2010).

Alternative treatments.

There are alternative treatments for DM and some of those treatments have to do with nutrition and diet plans, hydrotherapy, detoxification, mud therapy, massage, herbal medicines, and chromotherapy.

A dietician can create a healthy diet consisting of foods that control diabetes, foods to avoid, potassium rich foods, and foods rich in antioxidants (Diabetes Mellitus Information 2011).

Hydrotherapy is a natural method for treating DM using water. It is one of the oldest therapies for managing physical dysfunctions as the solvent property of water and its ability to absorb and conduct heat has benefits for the body (Diabetes Mellitus Information 2011). Studies have shown that hydrotherapy can be especially beneficial to those suffering from Type 2 DM. It can help improve sleep, reduce blood sugar level, and boast the moral of the patient with DM (2011).

Detoxification is another alternative to regular medicine. Detoxification uses fasting as well as controlled diets and supplements to help the body get rid of toxic substances. Methods of detoxification are used to control stress, help people relax, and modify their diets in ways that support the adrenal gland (Diabetes Mellitus Information 2011).

Diabetes involves a disturbance of the metabolic process of the entire body, according to Diabetes Mellitus Information (2011). When the digestive system and the endocrine glands don't work as they should, the outcome is an accumulation of impurities and toxemia in the body (2011). This means that eliminating toxins becomes very important. Mud bath treatments can aid in naturally detoxifying the body from the inside out.

Massage is another alternative type of treatment for DM. Massage can influence the activity of the musculoskeletal, circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems (Diabetes Mellitus 2011). Massage helps relieve tension in individuals and bring about a feeling of relaxation and calm, which can be beneficial to those with DM (2011).

Dr. Andrew Weil states that Salacia oblonga (or S. oblonga) has been used traditionally in Indian medicine to help control the increase in blood sugar right after one has eaten a meal (2005). He notes that a study published in 2005 in an issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that a drink made with this herb blunts the increase in blood sugar and also reduces insulin levels in the body (2005).

Chromotherapy is when colors are used to aid in treatment of various disorders. The belief is that using certain colors can help the body achieve a natural balance (Diabetes Mellitus 2011). It is used as a supportive therapy, usually in combination with a healthy, controlled diet, exercise, and other medications (2011).


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