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¶ … diffusion process? Briefly describe the individuals who make up each grou

The first stage of a diffusion process is the awareness stage. In this stage the consumer becomes aware or informed about the existence of a new innovation. However this group of individuals is only know about the existence of the idea such as a brand name but do not know any further details about the product or the idea. The second stage is of interest where an individual shows interest in knowing more about the idea and how will it be useful to him. In the evaluation stage the customer applies the idea mentally to his situation and evaluates as to what degree is the idea or the product useful to him. In the trial stage, the individuals use the idea or the product but only for experimental purposes. If the individuals are satisfied after using the product in the trial stage, they adopt the idea and continue to use it on repetitive basis which makes up the adoption stage.

What are the stages in the organizational buying process? Which stages are probably the most important to marketers?

The first step in an organizational buying process is the identification of the need where the firm has to evaluate in what area, and to what extent has a need occurred. The next step is to select a product that would be able to satisfy the need in the best possible manner. In the next step, a purchase team is appointed that is assigned the task of handling the whole purchase process. The purchase team then prepares a list of technical specification for the product as per the company's requirements. A


Next, a research is carried out to look for potential suppliers who could supple the relevant product on terms feasible for the organization. Then the bids from the relevant manufacturers and suppliers are solicited after which the contract is awarded to the supplier that offers the best bid and meets all the technical specifications (Doyle & Bridgewater, 1998).

3. What are the three types of research methods used in consumer research? Identify them and provide brief examples.

There are various methods of consumer research. On the methodological level, they can be either qualitative or quantitative. For example a quantitative research would be 10% of female population thought the dress was trendy. While a qualitative response would be more subjective and open ended. Research methods may include questionnaires, verbal interviews and observations. In the first method, consumers are given out questionnaires which may have a combination of open and close ended question and they are required to fill the form. Interviews are carried out on a one to one basis and are generally verbal and interpersonal. The method of observation involves observing a potential consumer's behaviour in a certain situation and the recording the behaviour. In this method, the subject is not aware of being under observation.

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