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The webpage is a commercial website, which offers services to consumers. Because it is a commercial website, it is difficult to evaluate the website using Jim Kapoun's traditional criteria: accuracy, authority, objectivity, currency, and coverage. However, Kapoun's criteria did provide a good starting point for determining the usefulness and utility of In addition to Kapoun's criteria, an attempt to use the services offered by was helpful in determining whether or not actually delivers the services it offers to consumers.

The author of the pages at is not specified. However, it is clear that it is a company-owned website. The purpose of the homepage is to greet people and funnel consumers into the appropriate areas on photosite's webpage. It is not clear whether or not the author of the website was technically qualified to write the documents contained therein, however the information contained on the site gives instructions on how to use the site and the instructions work. Therefore, it appears that the author of the web pages was qualified to write them.

The publisher of the information contained at is a company called Homestead Technologies. The document is published at The Webmaster is not listed at either or at There are no credited authors for the pages contained at, therefore there are no credentials listed for the authors. However, both websites are commercial websites. It appears that Homestead Technologies is the owner of the information contained in the websites, and that Homestead Technologies is responsible for the material maintained on both websites. Furthermore, neither website contains information regarding who the webmasters are or how to contact them. However, although they do not contain information regarding their webmasters, both and have customer support contact information.

The goal of the website is to allow people to create and maintain online photo galleries. One goal of the website is to offer a free photo gallery service to consumers. However, the primary goal of the website is to sell premium services to its consumers. That said, the webpage does not contain hidden marketing; it offers legitimate free services and the opportunity to purchase additional services to other users. Some people may find the fact that promises free photo galleries, but only offers one 150 picture gallery option for free to be deceiving. However, given that the service offered is free, consumers should be aware that the service is being offered in order to bring consumer attention to the website. While there are no opinions expressed on the pages, they were written to appeal to a specific target audience: people who wish to share their photographs in online galleries.

An additional goal of the website is to provide name recognition to Homestead Technologies. Looking at the services offered at, Homestead Technologies provides commercial web hosting services to consumers. The services provided by Homestead Technologies are for profit, and it appears that the free services offered through may serve the purpose of establishing and maintaining a customer base for Homestead Technologies.

The website is very current. In fact, the consumer drives part of the information maintained via the website. After signing up for an account on, it took less than four minutes to receive a verification of the account information on the user's email address. It appears that Homestead Technologies also continuously updates the information contained on the website. The website's copyright began in 1998 and it has been updated through 2005. The links are internal or to's parent company and are all active. Furthermore, none of the information on the page appeared to be outdated.…

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