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The authentic morals behind what are genuinely considered justice, also symbolized by the Tao, are shifting. Man consumes himself here by selfishly yet blindly carrying on as a conqueror mindlessly on a mission as opposed to a team-player. Men are falling away from the standard of justice, the Tao, to a new class of man, one that has claimed everything and will conquer himself.

Man has found ways to defy gravity, generate specific life, and try to conquer death; this is what leads man to strive toward conquering nature, and trying to conquer nature is what makes man conquer himself. Lewis explains this, accordingly, as man deceiving himself. With these scientific advances over nature becomes a "power exercised by some men over other men with nature as their instrument." This is leading to man's domination of some men over other men. These attitudes result in a loss of values and a loss of ideals of Tao.


The dismissal of objectivity and truly open-minded thought processes, thereby declaring the rise of moral relativism (subjectivity) constitutes the main thematic throughout. In a downward spiral, this butterfly effect employed within...


This shift from progressive to oppressive exists, too: Self-absorbed life in the United States.
Consider a typical corporation. A rushed CEO runs into a difficulty that he cannot solve, so he then regards it as trivial whilst he hastily turns to the employee directly under him to solve it. Accordingly, he has a bad day as well while he vents this frustration and unsolvable problem to the next in line. The Domino Effect.

The expeditious, mindful, and constructive effort would have been reliant solely upon the one with the problem or the "top boss" to first elaborate before presenting the task to the others and seek help. Had this been handled objectively as opposed to subjectively, then no emotions would have ever flared and blocked progress. Instead, by the view of the "I" discovering that he has a chain of command available, the "we," rather than passing a duty off with no collaborative effort involved, that group effort has been ceased from the start. A family of ants are far more productive than that single lion who sits alone all day, passively awaiting prey.

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