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Job satisfaction is very important, without job satisfaction, no employee can ever produce results and diverse management provides job satisfaction to the employees, hence it can be said that diverse management plays a pivotal role in the success of any business. Diverse management also provides flexibility, which is extremely important to achieve the goals of an organization. If an organization is very rigid and does not treat its employees properly, the focus of the employees will never be on their work, so it becomes extremely important that a business should be flexible towards the employees. For a company to become diverse, it is very essential that the leaders of the organization are form diverse backgrounds, if the leaders don't belong to diverse backgrounds, the organization can never inculcate diversity. Everything starts form the leaders, in the sense that all the instruction passed on to the subordinates come from the leaders, considering this an organization has to have leaders from diverse backgrounds. "The company's leadership should cultivate a mindset that acknowledges that diversity requires long-term cultural change, views diversity as good for people, and interprets diversity to include all people (Loden, 1996).

Diversity begins right from recruitment; leaders have to look out for the most diverse individuals who can really make a difference by being a part of the organization and work towards the betterment of the same, next is the promotion of those diverse people. The leaders have to make sure that those diverse people should not take a back seat upon joining the organization; the leaders should make sure that the diverse individuals are given enough chances to showcase their talent. The last step is to retain...


Even the people who recruit should belong to diverse backgrounds to pick the most efficient and diverse individuals. Retaining employees can sometimes be a difficult task for organizations because each day new businesses come up and new offers are made to the diverse people and holding on to these diverse people becomes a challenge. To retain these employees, a company must first of all provide a friendly environment to work in, because the work environment often plays a key role and acts as a deciding factor as to whether an individual changes hi/her job or not. So it becomes very important for a company to provide its employees with a good environment to work in. The next is to promote these employees, promotion will give a good and much needed boost to these employees and this will also make sure that the employee has a good image of the company in his/her mind. The last step of retaining includes monetary benefits wherever possible, for instance reimbursement of any expenditure made by the employee on an official trip. All these needs have to be realized by an organization if they are to retain the most diverse employees.


Diversity Management is very good for a business; this is proved by the advantages of diversity management provides to a business. Diversity management, if done properly can turn around the fortunes of a company within no time. The benefits provided by diversity management are inexhaustible and hence it is advisable for every business to follow diversity management and to reap the rewards of the same.


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