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Diversity Proposal

Consideration Ethics Diversity Proposal Choose ethical considerations diversity considerations affecting division. Write a proposal HR director. Provide details considerations. Justify important strategic HRM planning process.

Two ethics proposals: Diversity consideration

This organization is an EEOC-compliant employer and strives to incorporate diversity into its hiring practices and general worldview. Diversity is an important, stated goal for the organization and is a factor that is taken under consideration when making hiring decisions. The organization takes an active role in recruiting from colleges with substantial minority populations and its promotional literature paints an inclusive portrait of the organization, visually and verbally.

However, one problem with our organization is that while it has a strong record in recruiting minority candidates, it is lacking in terms of its capacity to retain them. This means at the upper levels of management, minority candidates are not represented in the corporate hierarchy. This creates, to some degree, a self-fulfilling prophesy. As there are few minority employees...


Also, no matter how broad-minded leaders of the organization may be, they invariably cannot be sensitive to all of the issues that members of minority groups may feel, while working at the organization.

With this in mind, I would propose that our organization create a formal mentorship program, whereby members of historically-discriminated against groups are paired with current leaders who will guide them throughout their first years as employees. They will provide minority employees with additional leadership training and advice. This could prove beneficial to the organization, not simply in increasing retention, but also in the intergenerational dialogue this program could facilitate. Leaders could learn from younger employees and gain valuable insights and tips into how to ensure that out company remains current with changing attitudes and market conditions.…

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