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Partner benefit is a subject matter that is highly taken into consideration by employees when seeking jobs and signing contracts. The subject matter of partner benefits is particularly of great significance to employees when being hired as also at the time of signing contracts. In contemporary times, benefits to partner has become an important aspect not only for success to a company but also for equality. This paper will seek to analyze two companies in the Fortune 500 list which are Wal-Mart and Procter & Gamble with regards to the manner in which they provide partner benefits.

How do the requirements for coverage for domestic partners, such as length of the relationship compare with requirements for benefits of married couples?

These two fortune 500 companies provide benefits to partner and make sure that there is equality and impartiality in the distribution of benefits to their employees and partners. For Wal-Mart and Procter & Gamble, it is very clearly distinguished with regards to the distribution of benefits to the domestic partners as well as the married couples. For married couples, once legally married, such...


However, on the other hand, this is different for domestic partners. For Wal-Mart as well as Procter & Gamble, employees who are in a same-sex domestic relationship or opposite-sex domestic relationship have to sign an affidavit indicating that they have been in an exclusive and continuing relationship with such partner for at least the past twelve months and intend on continuing to do so (Sammer and Miller, 2013; May, 2013).

Do companies usually require a waiting period after dissolution of a marriage (divorce) before a new spouse can become eligible for benefits?

The companies do require a certain amount of waiting period once a marriage is dissolved or a domestic partnership ends before a new spouse can come to be considered eligible for any sort of benefits. For both companies, if a domestic partnership ends, then the employees have to notify the companies within a period of 30 days and the preceding domestic partner together with his or her dependents have to be taken out of the benefit plans of the company. The same case applies for a marriage that is dissolved. However, this has to be after the divorce has been fully…

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