Domestic Violence & Drugs Use With Latina Parents Research Paper

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CPS Intervention

The author of this report has been asked to offer a summary and analysis of a CPS-oriented intervention with an at-risk child. The intervention will be described from beginning to end. It will be summarized how there was a prevention or resolution to problems that were discovered. There will be an analysis of how there was negotiating and advocacy on behalf of the client. There will be a listing of at least three practice skills (micro and/or macro) that were used as part of the intervention. There will be a general critique of the intervention's progress and performance, what could have been done to generate a better outcome, whether the intervention was empowering and whether it was discriminatory or oppressive.


The story in question is about a woman named Alice. Despite what her name might imply, lice is actually a Latino. She is under the scrutiny of CPS for a number of reasons. Before getting into that, the story of Alice up to this point should be told. Alice was born into a family of two married parents. The family had only her and no other children. Alice identifies herself as Mexican-American and has Catholic beliefs. Her parents still go to church to this very day but Alice herself does not. She is twenty-eight years old and heterosexual. She has a four-year-old daughter named Maria and she is currently in danger of losing her rights to see and visit her due to a number of factors.

First of all, the father of her children and her have had some rather nasty physical altercations. Both the father of the child and Alice herself are apparently...


Alice identifies this as a problem with the father of the child but asserts that her alcohol use is only occasional and that her illicit drug use is not something she would be unable to stop. Thus, she does not see a problem with her own personal drug use. However, her recent personal history would obviously contradict that problem. While the drug/alcohol use may fuel the fire with the father of the child, the same would be accurate of Alice, based on the totality of the evidence. A sterling example of this was a recent incident when Alice was arrested. She apparently slapped her mother and took her child out of bed in the middle of the night. She apparently has no recollection of that happening. The culmination of her drug use, her propensity towards violence and her now-present criminal history is going to make it exceedingly difficult to find and retain gainful employment. Alice seemed to embrace the CPS intervention and seemed excited about getting through the process. She has stated that she is willing to do "anything" to get her daughter back. However, her ostensibly denial about her drug abuse is going to be a huge barrier to that occurring. Couple that with the fact that she must complete a number of different objectives to get her daughter back and the fact that those objectives anger management counseling and random drug testing, her chances of getting Maria back are slim to none given that she must pass all of the objectives to attain her goal of reuniting with Maria.

As for how the author of this report helped prevent or resolve problems, the author of this report made it crystal clear that no amount of illicit drug use is going to be acceptable because the drug tests will catch it. Further, that drug use is fueling the proverbial fire with the father of the baby as well as the family violence and neglect that occurred with the aforementioned arrest. In…

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