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Drug abuse is a menace in the modern world. The action of over using drugs or inappropriate application of substance wipes both old and young generations within the society. Drug abuse involves excessive use of substances such as alcohol, cigarette, heroine, and cocaine among other drugs. Excessive consumption of these drugs leads to addiction. This refers to the state in which an individual is in constant need of the substance. The person addicted on drugs cannot perform without the enhancing drugs. The individual in context do not live off the drugs because of the increasing need for satisfaction of the substance thirst. Some might argue that these substances help in eliminating stress. They also contribute towards treatment of certain diseases and disorders. Example of such diseases might be down to cancer. In the real sense, excessive consumption of drugs is dangerous in relation to the life of the person in the context. As an expert and former drug addict, I represent the best option to offer free counseling on ways of avoiding and overcoming drug addiction. This piece of advice will help improve the living condition of the drug addict. Drug addict will be able to prolong his or her life by staying off the substances, which are harmful to their health (DeSena, 2005). Goal and Objective

At the end of this therapy, drug addict should be able to live a better life. This life should be away from drugs and substances that are dangerous to humanity....


The drug addict should also be able to help other fellow drug addicts to overcome the same problem of excessive use of drugs. The third objective of the therapy is helping the addict to outline the dangers and effects of drug abuse. In order to avoid drugs and other related substances, it is necessary for an individual to know the effects and dangers of drugs exploitation. It is also vital for the drug addict to be able to help other drug addicts. This assistance will help in eradication of drug addiction within the society. By staying off the drugs, individuals develop ways of enhancing their living condition. This is through better living and health conditions. It is critical to the entire society, and the drug addict particularly to achieve all the three objectives. The health of the society and its members improves to the better indicating development process.
Definition of the Objectives

In attempts to overcome the burdening drug addiction within the society, there are at least four steps. The first step towards the drug addiction fight is personal denial. The individual must first provide the personal support through the will and power to stay away from the drugs. Without the personal will, the fight is meaningless. The fight towards drug addiction liberation must start with the individual. Assistance from outside will build on the will and power of the individual in achieving the objectives. This first step will give the…

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