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Drugs and Pregnancy The habit of taking drugs continually well into the pregnancy stages of a woman has been associated with several effects that the drugs may have on the fetus. There have been several arguments posited by various groups depending on their standpoint about the issue of drug abuse and pregnancy. There have also been attempts, as seen in this session, to classify the drugs into those that do not arm the fetus and those that can in some way hurt the fetus. Having gone through the entire course and getting exposed to numerous materials, there is one thing that stands out clear and I came to understand with insurmountable evidence, the fetus is adversely affected by the drugs that the mother takes. This is true bearing that the fetus depends on the mother for entirely everything for its survival.

The central issues identified during the entire session include the effects that the drugs can cause to the fetus and those that follow the infant after birth. Some of these damages or effects can cause malfunctions in the fetuses in their later life hence it is significant that the fetus is not exposed to teratogens especially during the first trimester as this may cause defects to the fetus. At this stage therefore, as a nurse, one should conduct several medical diagnosis to detect the type of drugs that pregnant woman has been using as well as the status of the fetus. Here, the urinary toxicologic testing usually comes in handy though it must be handled in the normal clinical manner and not raise any cascades of possible...


The nurse should also know the ANC that the mother has undergone and find out if there is any that was specifically directed at trickling the drug abuse and the medical conditions that may be as a result (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2012). I have learned that if all the above are carried out with the ultimate aim of protecting the fetus, it will be a project that will definitely prosper.
The challenge on how to control the fetus from the effects of drug abuse by the mother is not an isolated issue as learned. A lot of reactions have been experienced from different parts of United States, some advocating for strict criminal perspective as some see mother's treatment as the most correct approach to the solution to the substance abuse on the part of the mothers. From diverse of responses experienced, it shows that there is no uniform policy that should manage the whole issue. According to my view, treatment forms the most advisable approach to deal with the drug abuse during pregnancy rather than the criminal approach. Most of the states have incorporated approaches that are non-punitive in nature and designed for improving long-term as well as short-term results for the baby and the mother by drug treatment plus other support services. A prominent example is the Colorado law which gives encouragement to providers of health care to refer women having risk of poor birth results from substance abuse for a need assessment. Though, if the mother could have been subjected to treatment,…

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