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Also, as time goes by, technology will become cheaper and cheaper, so these devices will likely fall in price over the next few years. Again, this is another area where-book and e-reader manufacturers and retailers could do well by incorporating this technology into devices that are hand-held and already in use like cell phones or tablets.

Interestingly enough the survey revealed another specific consumer concern associated with e-books that could be taken advantage of by manufacturers in order to sell more products or help to boost the popularity and image of the company. Those surveyed felt that e-books and their usage relative to the environment was important to them. Consumers see e-books as environmentally friendly alternatives to paper books and publications, and manufacturers could do well in helping to accentuate and reinforce this fact. The marketing of e-books and e-readers to a target audience who is concerned about the environment or the environmental impact of paper and printed media would likely help boost sales and establish the manufacturer as a company that genuinely cares about the environment. Packaging could be produced to help emphasize this to potential environmentally conscious customers.

The survey on e-books offers an excellent opportunity to re-tool the manufacturers' approaches to marketing these products. Certainly not all of the consumers' concerns were represented on the survey but the most important and visible ones were. With a small amount of effort and marketing changes the manufacturers and retailers of e-books could better cater to the consumers' desires relative to this technology. Certainly it is very difficult to lower the cost of a product that is expensive to produce, but other create approaches to this consumer concern are available.

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