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In conjunction with this is the need to put more interactive media on the site, including video of a tour of the kitchen, which is one of the best equipped for creating pastries in Orange County. The e-marketing changes also need to include a customer forum area where the cafe's management asks for ways to improve and make their business more attractive to younger families. In keeping with the idea of making the cafe more accessible to younger families and students, offering free WiFi is a must-have. Students would stop in before classes started at the local high school to finish up homework, bringing their families for breakfast. In keeping with the change in image to being more innovative, free WiFi would attract a younger and more affluent customer base over time. Free WiFi would also be heavily promoted on the website as well.

The greatest measure of a successful e-marketing strategy is the ability to connect with and build collaboration with customers (Nadeem, 218). Web 2.0 technologies, tools and strategies as defined in Table 1 of the Appendix of this document need to also guide SMB's continual refining of e-marketing strategies to ensure they stay connected with customers and prospects. For Rockwell's specifically, the need to attract younger, affluent and Web-savvy customers will spell the difference between staying financially viable or not within the next five years. Research supports that the greater the level of e-marketing the greater the Return on Customer (ROC) investment (Nadeem, 218).

Brodie, Winklhofer, Coviello, Johnston, et.al) Rockwell's is in need of a complete refurbishing of their product and positioning strategies to ensure their new marketing campaigns will attract and retain a younger and more affluent family customer base that is Web-savvy.


Rockwell's Cafe and Bakery is much like the majority of SMBs in the U.S. And globally. With a small but loyal customer base and the Disneyland Resort being a major customer for their specialty cakes, Rockwell's has been comfortably myopic in their marketing efforts. Yet the customer base is aging rapidly and this small business must embrace aspects of e-marketing that immediately make them a viable choice for younger, affluent families in the city of Villa Park and Orange if they are to remain viable. Only by relying on an increasingly higher level of effort to also bring innovation to their services in the cafe (like offering free WiFi) and the developing of new menu items can Rockwell's hope to win over new customers. Ultimately Rockwell's need to realize that revitalizing their entire business to be more innovative and relying on e-marketing to assist in promoting their more innovative image is critical for their long-term viability.


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Online diary or journal entry on the Internet, which primarily supports text, photo (photoblog), video (vlog), and audio (podcast) formats

Google, AOL, and Yahoo offer free blogging platforms


Web service that gathers related content from more than one source

IBM's mashup applications enable project managers to match team resources with a map to identify the geographical locations of the resources

Peer-to-Peer Networking technique for effectively sharing music, audio, and text files

Napster and Gnutella are popular peer-to-peer networks

Real Simple Syndication (RSS)

Feed-based technology that, with the aid of an RSS reader, enables users to subscribe to newly released content such as text, Web pages, sound files, photos, and video

RSS feed may contain the full content, for example a podcast, or simply a link to the content

Social Media

Encompasses all online tools (blogs, podcasts, Wikis, social networks, vlogs) and Web sites enabling people to share content, such as text, audio, picture s, and videos

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