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¶ … farm-to-table. The concept will be described in the context of a certain property and it will also be discussed in general terms. As far as the former of those two goes, the property that will be discussed is L'Etoile Restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin. As far as the latter goes, topics that will be covered will be the advantages and disadvantages of the farm-to-table concept. There will be a covering of the farm-to-table principles used and employed at L'Etoile Restaurant and a review of how the property could take the concept even further. While some people suggest that farm-to-table is an overblown and unnecessary concept, there is a lot of merit to the idea and why it is used.


As noted in the introduction, the restaurant that will be focused upon for this report is L'Etoile. They are located at 1 South Pickney Street in Madison, Wisconsin. Other associated properties and brands, both current and future, include Graze, Sujeo and Estrellon. The website for L'Etoile proudly proclaims that they are a "REAP" restaurant in that they buy fresh and buy local as part of doing business. Clicking on the associated icon reveals that REAP is a Madison-based firm that focuses on connecting producers, consumers, businesses and organizations to the healthful, sustainable...


They assert that their "staff, members, volunteers and partners envision sustainable, local food on every plate." Other links on their site include Farm to School, Buy Fresh Buy Local, Farm Fresh Atlas and events such as Family Food Fest, Burgers & Brew, Pie Palooza, Harvest Gal and Local Harvest (REAP).

Going back to the L'Etoile website, they have an "About" section of their website. This page of their website reveals that they have "served local and seasonal offerings since it first opened its doors in 1976." Odessa Piper, the former owner of the restaurant, has "prided himself in the cultivation of strong farm-to-restaurant relationships." It is noted that she has supported Madison area farms and artisan producers and helped grow what is now the largest producer-only farmers' market in the United States. L'Etoile is apparently referred to as a "shining start" for the Midwest when it comes to its consistency in quality and its overall service. The aforementioned Graze is a gastropub that will focus on much the same principles as L'Etoile. Their webpage also talks generally about their philosophy and their commitment to the community. One thing that does not seem to be mentioned that perhaps should be is a loyalty to not using non-organic and/or GMO-laden goods (L'Etoile).

As far as farm to table in general, there are indeed upsides and downsides to engaging in…

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