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Economists prefer to advance many reasons for the push from centralized planning to market mechanisms. First, centralized planning often worked well in the early stages of developing industry, but with the enormous growth and complexity of economies and technologies, centralized planning falls short in taking into considerations all of the variables that may affect the economic system (Alchian and Demsetz, 776). In such a complex economic system, therefore, centralized planning becomes inherently flawed because it cannot acquire all of the required information for the decision-making. The centralized planning cannot deal with the self-interest of people, so people do not feel motivated. However, public services are never better performed than when their reward comes only in consequence of their being performed, and is proportioned to the diligence employed in performing them. Therefore, capitalist market is considered to be superior not only to planning in the socialist countries but to all kinds of state intervention in the capitalist countries.

In contrast to the centralized system, a market place is considered free of government interference, where individuals voluntarily exchange goods and services among each other as a means of promoting their mutual welfare. As long as both buyers and sellers inherit similar means of information, they can look for their best interests. This kind of self serving interests work far better than a centralized planning. In practice, markets for many goods provide extremely rapid response to changing circumstances and changing demands. In other words, as contrast to the centralized planning, the market serves as a best known method of resource allocation to best satisfy the preferences of the people. However, in a centralized economy, the planners are required to do a lot of computing to find the best allocation of the resources.

One way to deal with the problem of centralized planning is that traditional planners make good choices…

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