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The author noted that this was an important step to help ease the problems created by the collapse of non-bank funding.

The author concludes by noting that the proposed package's tremendous size combined with its lack of clear details or forceful regulation leave the program open to criticisms that it is both too vague and too timid. Furthermore, he points out that the plan's failure to fully account for the disposal of toxic debt may have helped contribute to recent sharp falls in the stockmarkets. The author noted that it was not only that the plan was insufficient, but that Geithner had led people to believe that the plan would be both bold and detailed, and that the dissonance between the promised plan and the plan unveiled by Geithner helped contribute to a decrease in confidence. The author clearly disagreed with Geithner's failure to really consider the issue of nationalization of bad banks, and the fact that many of the larger banks in the nation may already be insolvent.


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