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¶ … Audio Visual Aids in the Gym

The reason why people enroll for sessions at the gym or even lessons by trained personnel at the gym is because there is some value that they would like to extract from the attendance of the gym time. The dedication of time to go for gym lessons is often very challenging and those who attend the gym sessions always do that on the basis of some motivation either externally like friends or internally by the need to reduce weight, to have some health benefits or to build up muscles (Eason J., 2015). Apparently each person who goes to the gym would like to spend the maximum time possible there so as to extract the best possible benefits from the gym, but this long stay at the gym is often challenging. There is need hence to device a way that would encourage the people who attend the gym sessions to not only stay longer at the gym but also to engage in activities that relate to the physical fitness that is the primary reason for their going to the gym.

Research hypothesis

During the gym lessons, the introduction of audio and visual aids in the gym will make the participants stay longer than when there is no use of these aids in the gym sessions. It will be the quest of this research to prove that the use of these audio and visual aids will be a motivation to the participants to work out longer in the gym as opposed to them carrying out their gym activities in silence as is the norm currently.

Preliminary literature review

The choice to join a gym session is often made easily by many people but is hard to maintain over a long time until the goals that one set are achieved. Deluca R., (2015) that in as much as many people would like to create excuses on busy schedules and other itinerary changes to keep off gym, the motivation and the dedication to the gym sessions is 90% psychological and many would miss sessions just because they were lazy.

There are several articles written about how one can motivate themselves at the gym at the end have an effective workout and achieve the intended goals. Richards S.E., (2014) indicates that there are four major ways that people can use to have a more consistent workout program and also stay long at the gym. He outlines that giving ones self some real rewards can motivate them to keep working at the gym and be consistent. He also indicates that the individual should sign a commitment card for the gym session which will be a binding treaty with himself to obey and stick to the program. There is also need to rethink positive thinking in a manner that will help the individual identify the negative thoughts and the obstacles to going to the gym and then have a plan to overcome them and see the positives of going to the gym and the benefits that come with it hence choose to attend anyway. The other motivation is to get paid in that there are apps that will penalize you by deducting from your credit card once you miss gym but adds you points each time you go to the gym hence acting as a motivator.

Research Design

This research will predominantly be a quantitative research method. This is a research design that puts more emphasis on the objective measurements as well as the numerical analysis of the information and data collected through various tools like questionnaires or surveys. This method is focused on gathering numerical data and using it as a general rule across groups of subjects. This is the method that will be used in this research since the quantitative research is determined to make clear the relationship between an independent variable and a dependent variable within a population. This will be applicable here as the independent variable which is audio and visual aids will be studied to see whether they have effects on the dependent variables; the people are attending the gym sessions with the


The quantitative method also comes in two types, the descriptive design where the subjects are usually measured once and the experimental where the subjects are measured before and after the treatment (University of Southern California, 2014). In this case, the approach will be more of the experimental since the effects of the audio and visual aids in the gym will only be known by first observing the time the respondents take at the gym in comparison to the control group that will not have the treatment of the audio and visual aids.

In the research, there will be a total of 20 participants who will be divided into sets of 10 on each side. For every set of ten participants, there will be the group that will be subjected to the use of audio and visual aids while in their gym sessions and the other ten will be left to carry on their gym session without the audio and visual treatments. It is worth noting that for each side, there will be five males and five females whereas;

Total number of participants N=20 (10M and 10 F)

Participants with audio and visuals n=10

Participants without treatment n=10

In a period of six months, these participants will be observed in line with the number of hours that they spend in the gym. There will be charts to be filled in with details of the time they came into the gym, the departure time and the activities carried out each gym sessions. These details will enable the researcher to know what kind of activities the individuals engaged in and the possibility of these acting as intervening variables, apart from using these charts to get the time spent in the gym for both sides.

The audio material that will be provided will include the tracks and beats that can be use for rehearsed workout drills as well as regularly famous songs among the participants. They will be encouraged to carry their preferred CDs to be played in the gym as they carry on with their workouts. The visual aids will involve the videos of other renowned athletes in the gym working out and well as general drills that other people might have recorded. The participants will not be made aware of the observation being done on them so as to reduce the halo effects in the process of the research.

Sampling procedure

The sampling procedure that will be used here to get the 20 participants will be the Research Purposive Sampling, which is known to be a non-probability and the decisions on the participants in the research is decided by the researcher bearing the special qualities that they have and are desirable to the researcher like being a specialist in the field of interest, having experience and the willingness to participate. In this case, the participants will be required to be regular gym enthusiasts hence the use of random sampling will prove to be tricky and a definite target population will have to be used here (Tongco M.D., 2014). This will be the best method to use in this research since the participants who will be used in getting significant information are those who will be going to the gym themselves and it is from these that a section will be given the treatment and the other left without the treatment.

Data analysis

Once the data has been collected, there will be need to have it analyzed to see whether the addition of the audio and visual aids to the gym sessions influenced the participants to stay longer or whether there was no difference in the time taken with the other lot that never had the audio and visual aids during their sessions. The chosen data analysis method is the one-way ANOVA. This approach narrows down to the situation where a single treatment will be given at two or more levels. This will be the best method to use bearing that the participants will first be divided into two groups consisting of equal number of males and females and the effect of the treatment in line with the time spent at the gym will be observed and it is only through one-way ANOVA that we can come to know whether there was significant difference in the time spent between the group that had the aids and the group that did not have the aids.

Research limitations

There are possible constrains that the research will likely face and among them is the time factor since to see a significant data collected there is need for the observation and recording of time to go across six months bearing that some members are bound to miss some sessions, yet there will be other academic activities that will demand the time of the participant hence the time constrain. The resources to…

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