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¶ … ensuring the success of any project. This is because the various sources can help to corroborate one another in order to improve validity and accuracy. However, the method and approach must focus on achieving key objectives. To fully understand the way this is achieved requires looking at the most effective strategies for research development. Together, these insights will illustrate their importance as a part of the thesis project.

How to do Research Development for a Thesis Project?

Research is studying different pieces of information in order to gain a greater understanding of the subject. This is divided into everyday and scholarly information. Everyday information is when data is collected through non-traditional methods (such as: relying on the opinions of experts). This is designed to enhance everyone's comprehension of the information and provide greater rationale in supporting the main points that are discussed. (Blaxter, 2010)

While scholarly research, is concentrating on taking a more truthful approach. This is achieved by following predetermined methods to understand and analyze the subject which is being studied. However, following select approaches could create a situation where personal bias and opinions will influence the outcome a study. This is achieved through objectively analyzing what is happening and then providing beliefs which support the views of the author. Historians are known for utilizing this approach to understand and identify various events. Yet, they will often place their own emotions, feelings and views in the research. This is challenging as they were not there and may not fully understand specific aspects of the problem. (Blaxter, 2010)

In this case, the qualitative and quantitative approaches could be inaccurate in understanding what is happening. This is based upon the opinions and agenda influencing the outcome. The problem occurs with how the reading is an important process in helping actuaries to identify key trends and the lasting impacts on addressing the primary question. To achieve these objectives, the best forms of reading will concentrate on specific areas and understanding the lasting impact it is having on stakeholders. This is achieved by carefully examining the relevant ideas from different sources. Then, incorporating them into the basic study as a part of understanding how this will influence the outcome and conclusions. (Stenbeck, 2009)

Moreover, it is important to skim irrelevant facts. While at the same time, it requires looking for specific information which can help to address the main aims and objectives. Those who are able to do this will be more effective in identifying key trends and offering insights which can answer certain questions. This enhances the validity of the research and it makes it more effective in comprehending what is taking place. (Stenbeck, 2009)

Both of these sources are showing how reading is an important part in understanding and addressing critical issues when conducting research. This provides an avenue for looking at the material and locating information which is most relevant. Yet, it is also illustrating how these techniques could ignore secondary factors by skimming over key ideas. In this case, these weaknesses could hurt the information that is provided and the lasting conclusions of the research. As a result, these sources…

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