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Doll's House First Find a Website About
Words: 1195 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 57094042
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Doll's House

First, find a website about the play and then evaluate the site by answering all the questions below. Note your findings so that you can refer to them when you are working on Part B.

Who is the author? (An expert in the field? A scholar? A journalist? A random member of the public? A student? A politician? A paid marketer or public relations spokesperson? Note that if you cannot quickly locate this information, you might want to move to another source).

The author of this essay on "A Doll's House" is Emma Goldman. Goldman was an intellectual and a political writer and agitator, associated with left-wing political causes, chiefly anarchism. She was eventually expelled from the United States for political reasons, and sent to the Soviet Union. Ultimately her criticisms of the Soviet state caused her to be exiled again -- she would eventually die…


Goldman, E. (1914). The social significance of the modern drama. Boston: Badger. Retrieved from the Emma Goldman Papers Project online at:

Special Education Inclusion
Words: 8710 Length: 33 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 43314572
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country's public schools are experiencing dwindling state education budgets and increased unfunded mandates from the federal government, the search for optimal approaches to providing high quality educational services for students with learning disabilities has assumed new importance and relevance. In an attempt to satisfy the mandates of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, a growing number of special educators agree that full inclusion is the optimal approach for providing the individualized services needed by young learners with special needs. Known as "mainstreaming" in the past, full inclusion means integrating students with special physical, cognitive or emotional needs into traditional classroom setting. Practices that promote full inclusion for students with special needs assist educators in focusing instruction in innovative ways to help meet the educational needs of an increasingly diverse student population with a wide array of specialized needs. Critics of full inclusion argue that in many if not…


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Baskin, T.W., & Enright, R.D. (2004). Intervention studies on forgiveness: A meta-analysis.

Drug Abuse in Eastern Kentucky
Words: 3027 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 29623389
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drug use and abuse in the United States and presents differing approaches that are used (or proposed) to get a handle on the problem. There is no doubt that the drug abuse issue is not new and it is not being reduced by any significant amount. This paper presents statistics and scholarly research articles that delve into various aspects of the drug abuse issue in the United States, with particular emphasis on drugs that are abused in eastern Kentucky and generally in the Appalachian communities.

History of Drug Use & Availability

The history of illegal drug use in the United States goes back to the 19th Century, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). The DEA has a Museum in Arlington, Virginia, that illustrates the history of drug discoveries, drug use, and drug abuse through the years. The DEA reports that morphine, heroin, and cocaine were "discovered" in the…

Works Cited

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Havens, Jennifer R., Oser, Carrie B., and Leukefeld, Carl G. (2011). Injection risk behaviors

One Child Policy in China
Words: 1079 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12729234
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Child Policy in China

Button, G. (2011). China's One-Child Policy and the Population Explosion. Indian Journal of Economics and Business, 10(4), 467-474.

Button is an accomplished author of various scholarly texts and is a holder of a masters of science in education and a bachelor's degree in international studies. In the past, Button has worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Denver, and more recently, he assumed the position of Volunteer at Peace Corps. Button is therefore qualified to comment on topical issues revolving around history, political science, as well as economics.

In his article, Button explores not only the genesis of the One-Child Policy but also its implementation and relevance. The author also critically analyses the criticism that has been leveled against the One-Child Policy in the past. He concludes that although the said policy has contributed significantly to the country's economic growth, it has also been…

Future of Project Management in
Words: 1141 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3559553
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There needed to be a much greater level of coordination, communication and collaboration for the full benefits of project management initiatives and strategies to succeed. One of the best practices that emerged from the shift to a leadership and organizational basis of project management is the essential role of Emotional Intelligence (EI) as a galvanizing factor of making projects more relevant and accomplished in complex organizations (Clarke, 2010).

Where authoritarian and transactional management leadership had been sufficient for managing projects during the systems perspective era (Kioppenborg, Opfer, 2002) those leadership skill sets were not sufficient for the era of leadership and organizational behavior (Keegan, Hartog, 2004). This fundamental shift in project management perspective also corresponded to a shift in the expectations, need and requirements of a subsequent generation of knowledge workers as well (Keller, 2006). No longer would be authoritarian and transactional work. The entire culture of how projects were…


Clarke, N. (2010). Emotional intelligence and its relationship to transformational leadership and key project manager competences. Project Management Journal, 41(2), 5-20.

Gundersen, G., Hellesoy, B.T., & Raeder, S. (2012). Leading international project teams: The effectiveness of transformational leadership in dynamic work environments. Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 19(1), 46.

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Keller, R.T. (2006). Transformational leadership, initiating structure, and substitutes for leadership: A longitudinal study of research and development project team performance. Journal of Applied Psychology, 91(1), 17-17.

Right to Downsize Big Government
Words: 1754 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42581812
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Today, China owns the majority of U.S. debt, thereby inflating the Yuan and further downgrading the security of the dollar across the globe. These trends mean that American taxpayer money will increasingly be used to benefit foreign governments, leaving even fewer resources available for American citizens. A smaller, more efficient government is clearly needed, but in order to reduce government growth, a grassroots effort needs to be created to encourage term limits and eliminate wasteful and redundant government bureaucracies. In order to be successful, though, this effort must be embraced across all political party lines but the payoff will be worth it. By curbing government growth and control in business and Americans' private lives today, the country will be able to regain its financial security and maintain America's fundamental constitutional liberties.


Beland, D. & Chantal, V.F. (2004). Fighting 'Big Government': Frames, federalism, and social policy reform in the United…


Beland, D. & Chantal, V.F. (2004). Fighting 'Big Government': Frames, federalism, and social policy reform in the United States. Canadian Journal of Sociology, 29(2), 241-244.

Branum, T. & Dokupil, S. (2002). Security takeovers and bailouts: Aviation and the return of Big

Government. Texas Review of Law & Politics, 6(2), 431-434.

Feulner, E. (2001, November 14). The Return of Big Government. The Heritage Foundation.

Letter of Recommendation Which I as Being
Words: 2493 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 27801977
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letter of recommendation which I, as being a graduate of interpersonal communication measures, have dealt with to a recently wedded pair - Lara and Jack Sawyer. The main objective of this document has been to focus on a few of the primary interpersonal communication problems that emerge in freshly married partners accompanied by guidance, based on pertinent scholarly documents, which will help them get around these communication problems.

Just before the problem of communication is explained in depth, it is actually essential to figure out what plays a role in relationship fulfillment to be able to position communication inside a theoretical framework. Scientific studies in this field seem to have largely been led by an essential theory of relationship quality and steadiness produced by Lewis and Spanier (1979). These scientists specify relationship quality as being the subjective assessment related to the connection on numerous interpersonal relationship designs as well as…


Barker, L.L. (1971). Listening behavior. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

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Lewis, R.A., & Spanier, G.B. (1979). Theorizing about the quality and stability of marriage. In W.R. Burr, R. Hill, F.I. Nye, & I.L. Reiss (Eds.), Contemporary Theories About the Family (Vol. 2) . New York, NY: The Free Press.

Hegemony and Education
Words: 1283 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 74043462
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Hegemony Affects Men and Women Differently in an Online University Environment

The caliber of colleges and universities differ from institution to institution as well as from country to country. I have been to some in countries other than the U..A. And institutions that are non-profit and would say that these seem to be less hegemony-imbued than those that others and I have attended in the U..A. From what I have heard and experienced, problems of hegemony particularly seem to exist in the online for-profit universities that are notorious for offering degraded syllabus and programs, being more of a diploma mill and requesting money than offering education.

All universities and institutions that I have attended have slanted their education according to the politics of their country with curriculum heavily slanting to their specific country and criticizing those that opposed their country. I also found that, occasionally, the curriculum of these institutions…


Cunliffe, A.L.(2004). On Becoming a Critically Reflexive Practitioner, Journal of Management Education, 28, 407 -- 426

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New Trucking Hours of Service
Words: 6880 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 5163610
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Off-duty time does not extend the 14-hour period.

15-Hour on-Duty Limit

May not drive after having been on duty for 15 hours, following 8 consecutive hours off duty. Off-duty time is not included in the 15-hour period.

60/70-Hour on-Duty Limit

May not drive after 60/70 hours on duty in 7/8 consecutive days. A driver may restart a 7/8 consecutive day period after taking 34 or more consecutive hours off duty.

60/70-Hour on-Duty Limit

May not drive after 60/70 hours on duty in 7/8 consecutive days.

Sleeper Berth Provision

Drivers using the sleeper berth provision must take at least 8 consecutive hours in the sleeper berth, plus a separate 2 consecutive hours either in the sleeper berth, off duty, or any combination of the two.

Sleeper Berth Provision

Drivers using a sleeper berth must take at least 8 hours in the sleeper berth, and may split the sleeper-berth time into two…


About DOT. (2012). U.S. Department of Transportation. Retrieved from .

Ashmore, R.B. & Staff, W.C. (1994). Teaching ethics: An interdisciplinary approach.

Milwaukee: Marquette University Press.

Belz, S.M., Robinson, G.S. & Casali, J.G. (2004). Temporal separation and self-rating of alertness as indicators of driver fatigue in commercial motor vehicle operators. Human Factors, 46(1), 154-156.

Bias With Respect to Social
Words: 936 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 25631417
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The Tampa Bay Times recently reported on the standoff between school administrators, who claim the offending passages have been taken out of context, and protestors who have cried foul over what they perceive to be ideological indoctrination, stating that "the concerns raise the specter of textbook wars in other states, especially Texas, where ideological camps have long locked horns over everything from the validity of evolution to how much the Founding Fathers were guided by Christianity" (Matus & Solochek, 2011).

The inclusion of biased statements within textbooks which are widely regarded by students as unimpeachable records of factual statement is startling to say the least. There are several serious ramifications that this disturbing trend may have on the nation's educational efficacy, with entire generations of students learning from wildly disparate perspectives depending on the vagaries of publishing arrangements, administrative agendas, and other corruptive forces. esearch on the construction of textbook…


Dhand, H. (1988). Bias in social studies textbooks: New research findings. History and Social Science Teacher, 24(1). Retrieved from  earch_SearchValue_0=EJ383085&ERICExtSearch_SearchType_0=no&accno=EJ38308 5

Hickman, H., & Porfilio, B.J. (2012). New Politics of the Textbook: Critical Analysis in the Core Content Areas (Vol. 2). SensePublishers.

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Stambaugh, J.E., & Trank, C.Q. (2010). Not so simple: Integrating new research into textbooks. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 9(4), 663-681. Retrieved from

HR Hypothesis the General Field of Human
Words: 2806 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 822134
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H Hypothesis

The general field of human resources has become more and more difficult as well as more perilous. That is not just a simple generalized statement made for dramatic effect and just for the purpose of setting up the introduction of this paper. Indeed, there are some questions that can and should be posed by human resources professionals that do not have clear answers because of how complicated and how contradictory the field's body of work has become. The ethical implications and obligations pertaining to human resources have been made very muddled by contradicting laws and guidelines thus making real compliance beyond a reasonable doubt very hard to pull off.

The hypothesis that underlies this report comes down to one main statement, and that is as follows:

The different ethics, laws and vagueness that exists in both has made it possible to become completely and reliably compliant with the…


Bruoden, B.C. (1989). TAX FACTORS IN CHOOSING THE CORRECT CORPORATE STATUS. Journal Of Financial Planning, 2(2), 75.

Charen, M. (2011, July 22). What Else Will ObamaCare Mandate? | RealClearPolitics. What Else Will ObamaCare Mandate? | RealClearPolitics. Retrieved October 26, 2013, from  all_be_free_110669.html (2013, October 23). Teachers' unions fight bill that would bar sex offenders from schools. Fox News. Retrieved October 26, 2013, from -


Commendation and for Improvement in the Paragraph
Words: 637 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Application Essay Paper #: 5339850
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commendation and for improvement in the paragraph regarding the availability of computers. The author has a fairly transparent degree of verve and enthusiasm for the subject, which is sometimes a key component of an insightful article (Turnquist, 2009, 437). However, he or she has the tendency to make some emotional appeals instead of relying on empirical evidence to make points. Doing so is a crucial component of scholarly writing, and one of the areas in which the author could use some improvement.

The primary strength associated with this article is the author's logic. The author elucidates a number of crucial points that reinforces the paper's thesis: that computers enjoy a current degree of availability that they previously did not. However, in attempting to demonstrate his or her enthusiasm about this subject, the author has actually written about this issue from a decidedly biased viewpoint. A close analysis of the diction…


No author. (2012). "Avoiding Bias: Using Sensitive Language and Avoiding Bias in Scholarly Writing." Walden University Writing Center. Retrieved from 

Tornquist, E. (2009). Advancing Oncology Nursing Science. Oncology Nursing Society. Retreived from

Nursing and Evidence-Based Practices - A Perfect Fit for New Knowledge
Words: 983 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 87596309
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Future Goals & Scholarship

My journey in the RN-BSN program has provided me with the knowledge I needed to advance my career in nursing. Also, the RN-BSN has prepared me intellectually as well as in a foundational way to offer a higher quality of service to my patients. A nurse that truly engages with her profession never stops learning about the newest advances in healthcare strategies and policies, and I have been an enthusiastic learner when it comes to advancing my skills and my experiences for the benefit of my patients.

hat I learned and how that Knowledge Helps Me

The advanced skills I have learned allow me to better care for my patients. But moreover, the RN-BSN program brought into my focus the importance of better English comprehension skills, including the ability to critically evaluate ideas, scholarly articles, speeches given by healthcare professionals, and other materials that nurses need…

Works Cited

Bush-Bacells, J. (1998). Innovative Pedagogy: Academic Service-Learning for Business

Communication. Business Communication Quarterly, 61(3), 20-34.

Stevens, K.R. (2013). The Impact of Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing and the Next Big

Ideas. Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 18(2), 1-15.

Friendly Conversations or Social Networking in Their
Words: 620 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63734853
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fiendly convesations o social netwoking in thei diction, tone, content, and style. The woding used in scholaly discussions will be moe fomal, and slang is to be avoided. Similaly, scholaly discussions do not include the use of common Intenet abbeviations like LOL o OMG. Anothe eason why scholaly discussions diffe fom fiendly convesations is the tone. Scholaly discussions ae moe sobe and to the point. Fiendly convesations can include sacasm and othe tones that ae inappopiate in scholaly discouse. Howeve, both scholaly and fiendly discussions ae simila in that they call fo politeness and tact. The content of scholaly discussions is likely to be diffeent fom that of fiendly discussions, which may be about mundane things like whee to eat fo dinne. When talking about common subjects like politics, though, scholaly discussions efe to extenal souces and use fomal language as pat of the oveall pesentation. We can ensue that…

references to other scholars or authors, cited appropriately. Then, I organize my thoughts and write a brief, clear, and coherent post relevant to the discussion. This is a process that is no different from the way I prepare other types of scholarly discourses for my work and school. The difference is that with a post, I will be briefer and slightly less formal. However, this process is much different in ways I will email friends or post to Facebook. I occasionally spend time crafting an email or a social media post, but rarely will I worry about an outline or organizing my thoughts. My choice of language is important in each forum, though, and I do understand that what I say in social media impacts my reputation even as a professional. Therefore, it is important to remain aware of how I present myself regardless of the forum.

Divorce on Children What Are
Words: 1601 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 31495650
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This article is of extreme importance in this research study. It adds to the other articles mentioned by discussing the importance of protective factors in detail and urging caution when espousing a correlative relationship between cause and effect in divorce and the reaction of children.

eon, K. (2003). Risk and Protective Factors in Young Children's Adjustment to Parental

Divorce: A Review of the Research. Family Relations, 52(3), pp.258-270.

In this article, eon (2003) attempts to address a gap in the research of divorce's affects on children by examining divorce's affects on small children. Citing Amato (2001), eon points out that research has previously shown children to face hardship because of divorce, although they "adjust well" (pg. 258), however, he suggests that these results generally take into account older children. eon (2003) looks primarily at the variable of early childhood development as it is impacted by divorce. Interestingly, eon (2003) found…

Leon, K. (2003). Risk and Protective Factors in Young Children's Adjustment to Parental

Divorce: A Review of the Research. Family Relations, 52(3), pp.258-270.

In this article, Leon (2003) attempts to address a gap in the research of divorce's affects on children by examining divorce's affects on small children. Citing Amato (2001), Leon points out that research has previously shown children to face hardship because of divorce, although they "adjust well" (pg. 258), however, he suggests that these results generally take into account older children. Leon (2003) looks primarily at the variable of early childhood development as it is impacted by divorce. Interestingly, Leon (2003) found results that were remarkably similar to Amato's, noting that children with divorced parents tended to be associated with developmental problems such as being withdrawn or having behavior problems. However, it would be easy to argue that other factors were responsible for these results. In addition, interpreting the results of these tests was made difficult by various factors that might lead to their invalidation, such as the fact that the data was collected from self-report surveys (Leon, 2003). Still Leon (2003) concludes that divorce certainly impacts the lives of young children very greatly and the developmental level of young children should determine how professionals such as psychologists respond to the issue of divorce in the child's home. Further, while parenting skills were important mitigating factors for both older and younger children after divorce, Leon (2003) points out that for younger children, it is most important that parents be warm and loving.

Accounting Resources in Any Industry
Words: 1713 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 1738376
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Then again, even the sites that allow for such commentary often don't receive any. PwC IFS hasn't received any comments in the past month on any of its articles, for instance, though it does provide accurate and fairly up-to-date information. Part of the reason for this could be the fact that this blog, like many others in the accounting world, are run by large firms -- Price Waterhouse Coopers, in this case. Though this does not mean there is necessarily a bias at work in the blog, and indeed certain differing opinions are allowed, the fact that the information on such blogs is so directly under the control of a single for-profit entity means it must be regarded as at least slightly suspect. As these resources are also free, however, there is no harm in regularly browsing them.


Accounting and Business esearch. Accessed via EBSCO 8 October 2009.



Accounting and Business Research. Accessed via EBSCO 8 October 2009.

Accounting Historian's Journal. Accessed via EBSCO 8 October 2009.

Accounting and the Public Interest. Accessed via EBSCO 8 October 2009.

Accounting Today. Daily print periodical. 2009 issues reviewed.

Accounting for That Quite Likely
Words: 2684 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 70137900
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They then proceed to detail their selected sample (76 NYSE firms that reported at least three annual losses in period's 1980-1985 and that reduced cash dividends. They then implemented various conditions to test their hypothesis that it is the troubled firm's aim to retain preservation of their company, rather than to make a bonus, that causes them to select a certain accountancy plan.

In section 2, the authors describe their methods used in selecting a sampled population and their bias controls. There is a great deal of numerical data, and the material is dense particularly when they elaborate on the earnings and cash flow performance of the various firms. Each unit is broken up into subunits. Scholarly tables condensed with data that for instance report accrual levels and changes for the 76 firms support their written text and the Tables are alluded to in the text. Statistical analysis of these…


DeAngelo, H. DeAngelo, L. & Skinner, DJ (1992) Accountign choice in troubled companies. Jour. Of Account. & Econ. 17, 113-143

Elliot, Barry & Elliot, Jamie: Financial accounting and reporting, Prentice Hall, London 2004

Gray SJ (1988) Towards a Theory of Cultural Influence on the Development of Accounting Systems Internationally Abacus, pp.1-15

What Was the Romantic Movement
Words: 1326 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5715778
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There are many way to approach the concept (or movement) known as romanticism, and over the many years romanticism has been perceived and defined in wildly different ways. Scholars and historians have spent tens of thousands of words dissecting, describing, and trying to come to terms with what romanticism really means. The truth is there are many ways to approach romanticism, and this paper looks into scholarly approaches to romanticism in 1925, 1949, and 1990. How is the approach to romanticism in 1925 different -- but also similar -- to another approach in 1990? That question and others that are germane to this topic will be presented in this paper. The three scholarly articles that will be critiqued in this paper are: Paul Kaufman's "Defining Romanticism" (1925); Morse Peckham's "Theory of Romanticism" (1951); and David Perkins' "The Romantic Movement" (1990).

Three scholarly articles from three periods in the twentieth…

Works Cited

Kaufman, Paul. "Defining Romanticism: A Survey and a Program." Modern Language Notes,

40.4. (1925)" 193-204.

Peckham, Morse. "Toward a Theory of Romanticism." PMLA, 66.2 (1951): 5-23.

Perkins, David. "The Construction of 'The Romantic Movement' as a Literary Classification."

Dr Henry Morgentaler A Pioneer
Words: 903 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34168075
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In 1985, New runswick's government amended the Medical Act such that any physician performing an abortion not in a hospital, would be guilty of professional misconduct. In 1994, this provision was found to be unconstitutional.

However, New runswick still refuses to pay for abortions performed in privately operated clinics.

Doctor Morgentaler is quoted by Moulton (2003) as accusing the New runswick provincial government of not only being sexist and chauvinistic, but also of oppressing women. He relates the money that has been saved by not paying for these abortions to be in direct relation to the misery of women. However, Dr. Ed Schollenberg notes that there are more factors than just the debate over abortion that factor into this issue. There is also a general reluctance to provide funding for any private medical services, in New runswick. Although other areas of Canada enjoy a variety of private services, many of…


Humanist profile. (Jul/Aug 1992). Humanist, 52(4). Retrieved October 23, 2007, from Academic Search Premier database.

This article gives a brief overview of Dr. Morgentaler's personal history as well as a very brief accounting of his work regarding securing safe abortions in Canada.

Mills, D. (17 May 2007). Morgentaler launches lawsuit against New Brunswick. CanWest News. Retrieved October 23, 2007, from ProQuest database.

Mills discusses Morgentaler's most recent lawsuit against New Brunswick. In addition, demonstrators on both sides of the debate are discussed.

Wafer-Thin Model Smiles Wanly at
Words: 1555 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55051794
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orks Cited

Energy expenditure in anorexia nervosa." (Jan 2005).

Nutrition Research Newsletter. Retrieved 7 Feb 2006 at

Murphy, Megan. (4 Feb 2007). "The struggle against anorexia: Former UNC swimmer battles the disease." Greeley Tribune. Retrieved 7 Feb 2006 at

Paccagnella, Agostino," Mauri, Alessandra," Baruffi, Carla," Berto, Rita," Et al (May / Jun 2006). "Application Criteria of Enteral Nutrition in Patients ith Anorexia Nervosa: Correlation Between Clinical and Psychological Data in a "Lifesaving" Treatment.

JPEN: Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition. Retrieved 7 Feb 2006 at

Trebay, G. (6 Feb 2007). "Looking Beyond the Runway for Answers on Underweight

Models." The New York Times. Retrieved 7 Feb 2006 at

Works Cited

Energy expenditure in anorexia nervosa." (Jan 2005).

Nutrition Research Newsletter. Retrieved 7 Feb 2006 at 

Murphy, Megan. (4 Feb 2007). "The struggle against anorexia: Former UNC swimmer battles the disease." Greeley Tribune. Retrieved 7 Feb 2006 at 

Paccagnella, Agostino, " Mauri, Alessandra, " Baruffi, Carla, " Berto, Rita, " Et al (May / Jun 2006). "Application Criteria of Enteral Nutrition in Patients With Anorexia Nervosa: Correlation Between Clinical and Psychological Data in a "Lifesaving" Treatment.

Power Politics Conflict and Culture
Words: 4896 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 789598
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Only then will the moe effective use of knowledge occu and its value is de-politicized, making it moe potent in geneating pofits (Chatand, 1985).

It is a paadox that the moe challenging, disuptive and uncetain a given industy is the moe oganizations factionalize thei stuctues, ceating splinte goups and politically volatile stuctues that only acceleate a company's demise. The paadox is that in the toughest and uncetain of times in the telecommunications industy, Veizon Telecommunications needs to think moe about how they too can be a disuptive foce in the maket. Instead, the management team is focused on a highly balkanized, vey politically-diven agenda of holding onto powe by ceating smalle silos o depatments that can easily manage the data that is peceived as the most valuable asset thee is in the oganization. The paadox comes full cicle when a company is sold in pieces and the sold unit o…

references added

Chartrand, R.L. (1985). The politics of information. Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 36(6), 376-376.

Frederic Jallat, & Ancarani, F. (2008). Yield management, dynamic pricing and CRM in telecommunications. The Journal of Services Marketing, 22(6), 465-478.

Liljander, V., Polsa, P., & Forsberg, K. (2007). Do mobile CRM services appeal to loyalty program customers? International Journal of E-Business Research, 3(2), 24-30,33-40.

Piercy, N.F. (1989). Information control and the power and politics of marketing. Journal of Business Research, 18(3), 229-229.

Absorb Them and Regurgitate Them at Face
Words: 625 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79736603
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absorb them and regurgitate them at face value. To the contrary, part of conducting research is scrutinizing our research sources to determine their scholarly credibility. The importance of this ability is demonstrated in the discussion here, which considers two articles which are drawn from scholarly journals but which differ considerably in their scholarly credentials.

A study by Anderson & Keller (2002), published in the estern Journal of Nursing Research, concerns the therapeutic implications of smoking cessation. The primary objective of the study by Anderson & Keller is to draw a direct correlation between the transtheoretical model of health behavior and the variables associated with smoking cessation. The purpose is to promote an improvement of existing smoking cessation programs by finding ways to hone in on determinant independent variables. The transtheoretical model employed in the study is important to our discussion because, as the researchers acknowledge, this is a commonly employed…

Works Cited:

Anderson, S. & Keller, C. (2002). Examination of the Transtheoretical Model in Current Smokers. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 24, 282.

Farimani, M.M. (2007). Islamic Philosophy and the Challenge of Cloning. Journal of Religion & Science, 42(1), 145-152.

University of California Berkeley. Critical evaluation of resources. Retrieved March 31, 2011, from

Credible Sources in the Context of Online
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Credible Sources

In the context of online research and analysis, it is important to determine the credibility of sources whether they are scholarly or not. This is especially important when research is compiled and synthesized into new studies or academic, scholarly, or philosophic proposals or insights. It is important to recognize the validity of sources, especially when so many online sources and sites claim to be able to provide insight, and sometimes complete assignments, into ongoing discussions among students and professors at an undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral level.

One of the sites most frequently cited for a lack of credibility is While Wikipedia may attract students due to its ease of use and the information contained on the site, it is often not considered a credible source due to its aggregate nature and because many of its entries are written, edited, and submitted by its users. While many educators…


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Environmental Systems in the Past
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Although the research tools provided by the ISO 14001 framework are both qualitative and quantitative, this approach is consistent with the guidance provided by Neuman (2003) who points out that, "Both qualitative and quantitative research use several specific research techniques (e.g., survey, interview, and historical analysis), yet there is much overlap between the type of data and the style of research. Most qualitative-style researchers examine qualitative data and vice versa" (p. 16). Indeed, researchers have used qualitative and quantitative surveys to assess consumer reactions to proposed environmental initiatives at the local level (Neuman, 2003).

In fact, quantitative and qualitative research methods are characterized by a number of similarities that lend themselves to environmental systems analyses and development (as well as some differences) (Neuman, 2003). The distinct differences in the qualitative and quantitative research suggest that the use of quantitative data for environmental system development is highly appropriate, but that such…


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Articles on the History of Christianity Christopher
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Articles on the History of Christianity

Christopher J. Haas' article "Imperial Religious Policy and Valerian's Persecution of the Church, A.D. 257 -- 260" was published within the scholarly journal Church History in 1983, and the author focuses his attention on the persecution of Christians by the Roman Emperor Valerian. According to Haas, one of the most compelling aspects of Valerian's persecution of Christians was the sudden shift in his official religious policy in the year 257 A.D. Haas asks in the article, "prior to that time the church was largely undisturbed, but the years 257 -- 258 witnessed a series of increasingly severe imperial edicts directed against Christianity. What prompted this sudden reversal of imperial religious policy in 257?,"1 and it is this question which forms the foundation of his subsequent scholarly inquiry. y reading this article, one learns that Valerian actually launched his campaign of persecution against Christians in…


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Ethical and Professional Conflicts in Correctional Psychology
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Correctional Psychology

Duties of a Correctional Psychologist

An increasing rate of violation of crimes characterizes the current global environment. Different forms of violence and aggression, including drug trafficking and abuse, robbery, and rape cases among other forms of violence necessitates the need for analyzing the roles of a correctional psychologist. he special roles played by the correctional psychologists such as providing environments that improve the safety of the staff and inmates, psychological services, inmate management, and conducting an evaluation of the inmate/prison population and its influence on inmates' health necessitated the study into the topic. In addition, the fact that the correctional psychology has numerous ethical dilemmas and conflicts makes it wanting to study the topic.

he working environment, professional and personal experiences made me interested in studying the duties and challenges facing correctional psychologist. he fact that correctional psychologists work in a simulative and challenging environment attracts my interests…

The study provides a variety of opportunities for future research. For example, it provides an avenue for conducting research on the organizational factors that influence decision-making of the correctional psychologists. Organizational factors such as structure have been predicted to affect the practicing of correctional psychologists. Therefore, this study will provide the basis for studies into the issue. In addition, the study provides opportunities for future research on the contributing factors to the transformation of the correctional psychologists and their roles. Other ways in which this study will provide opportunities for future research include studies that aim at criticizing legitimacy of studies conducted on the topic.


Corriea, K.M. (2009). A Handbook for Correctional Psychologists: Guidance for the Prison Practitioner. Springfield: Charles C. Thomas Publisher, LTD

Breakthroughs in the Past 50
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It may be that these 'poor' people inherited one or that their children are using the computer provided by the local library.

7. The author needs to define her constructs (iddell, 2007). What does the term' poor' mean. Or at least what does she have in mind when she says this. The word' poor' is relative and straddles a huge spectrum. When defining her constructs, the author, too, needs to quote an authoritative source for basis of her measure.

8. The argument would have benefited from a pro and con slant where the author not only presents evidence conducive to her claim but also presents also opposing arguments and evidence and then proceeds to deal with them (Ward, 2006).

9. The paragraph is too colloquial and informal given the presumably academic audience that the author is slanting her script to. The words, for instance, "why would there be?" should be…


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Herbal or Botanical Medicine Herbal
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The article summarizes the herbal medicine also known as botanical medicine to refer to the usage of plant seeds, roots, leaves and berries for the medicinal purposes. The article also indicates that use of herbal is today becoming more mainstream as improvements in the quality control with the advances in a clinical research shows the significance of the herbal medicine in treating and prevention of diseases (Herbal medicine, 2011).

How Herbs work and used

The herb contains ingredients that work together in producing a beneficial effect. For instance, the type of the environments in which the herbs plants grow may affect the herb. The use of the herbs has drastically increased over the past 40 years. Presently, the medicines are categorized as the dietary supplements by the people of United States of America (USA). This therefore means that, herbal supplements can be sold before being tested to prove that they…


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GOP Primary Republican Primary Video Research Analysis
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GOP Primary

Republican Primary Video Research, Analysis & Critique

Covering a Period between March 6th and April 3rd, 2012

Researcher/writer will be analyzing the entire TV/video ad campaigns related to both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum from 03/06/2012 thru 04/03/2012. In the research paper, compare and contrast the overall ad campaigns of each with regard to:

Type of ad: biographical? Issue? Attack?

Sponsor of the ad: candidate, political party, independent advocacy group (including SuperPacs). Any difference in the type of ads run by each?

What demographic group(s), if any, were the ads primarily aimed at and how effective was it at reaching each?

Press coverage of the ads -- "how extensive? helpful or harmful? iased? And if biased, in what direction?

The overall effectiveness of the ads: very? somewhat? not very? Why?

Candidate reaction to the ads -- "smart or not? Why?

NOTE: The paper should be an overview --…

Bibliography and In Text Citations

Page numbers o Paragraphs -- " This means use proper paragraph form. Indent the first line of a paragraph, etc.

Times New Roman Font - 12pt

Double Space with all margins set at 1

Public Budgeting
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public budgeting comparisons of the federal, state and local budget distributions. This thesis will be focused on whether or not the increased budget allocations for transportation in the federal, state and local government will enhance travel security, efficiency, performance measures and &D development in the domain. The thesis will start off with a proposal for an agency that works across and is allocated budget in all the federal, state and local legislatures. The agency chosen for the thesis is the United States Department of Transportation. The proposal will include a detailed overview of the chosen agency inclusive of some financial data in recent years for the agency and a comparative analysis of the performance measures accomplished with those measures that were not completed. This will be followed by the details and comparative analysis of the budgetary performances of the federal, state and local budget departments in the United States which…


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Historiographical Debate Into the Effects of Santa Anna's Reign in Mexico
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Santa Anna Dictatorship

In his self-described revisionist biography Santa Anna of Mexico (2007), Will Fowler has courageously taken up the defense of the Mexico caudillo, fully aware that he is all but universally reviled in the historiography of the United States and Mexico. From the beginning, he made his intention clear to vindicate the reputation of a dictator whose "vilification has been so thorough and effective that the process of deconstructing the numerous lies that have been told and retold" is almost impossible.[footnoteRef:1] Timothy J. Henderson asserted that he had a great talent for exploiting and manipulating political divisions but none for governing a country. In U.S. history and popular culture, he has always been portrayed as a corrupt megalomaniac, the 'Napoleon of the West', responsible for the massacres at the Alamo and Goliad. As John Chasteen and James Wood put it, even his autobiography was an "extraordinary work of…


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Democratic Governance
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Democratic Governance

Belgian Development Cooperation, (2014). Democratic Governance -- the Key to Development.

his is a source from the Belgian Development Cooperation and looks at the link between development and democracy. Within the source, there are sample countries that have been used like Congo, Burundi, Belgium and Rwanda to show how democracy and development have been related over time. he article, indeed is a collection f smaller scholarly works by authorities in the individual areas and countries having conducted sufficient research on these countries discussed. It also highlights how the different systems of governance have helped shape the path of development. his, on evaluation pass for a peer reviewed article as it is reviews made on the existing researches and historically recorded happenings in the countries in question. he quality can be said to be worthy of the academic use and the credibility of this source can be categorized…

This source give an informative analysis of the politics of Latin America starting from the historical recap and the implications of the historical times in politics to the current state of democracy in the region. The paper further explains how the leadership in the region (several countries covered) has helped shape the politics and the democratic process to the contemporary times. The source further examines and comments on the link between politics and the economy of the region, an aspect that it refers to as the political economy of the region. Actually, the source was published by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars hence giving it credibility as a scholarly source as it has reviewers who are authorities in the particular chapters they comment on or contribute in.

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, (2011). Concepts and Principles of Democratic Governance and Accountability. 

This source is a report from a European Union sponsored research and project on the subject of democracy. The source attempts to give a clear understanding of democracy through looking at the definitions, the actors in the democratic process, the various types of democracy and the particular principles that guide modern democracy. It also highlights the elements that underpin the democratic state and society like the election processes and the rights and freedoms of institutions and individuals. The source goes further tom exemplify democracy and the tenets through looking at Uganda (in East Africa) to indicate the extent to which the state has demonstrated or failed to demonstrate the democratic process. The source is commissioned by a reliable organization and involved several researchers to come up with this report that was only published and distributed after thorough peer reviewing by scholars in democracy hence a credible source of information for this research writing.

Religious Revolution
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The topic of religious revolution interests me because much of history has been shaped by religious revolution. Consider the history of the West. The rise of Constantine to the seat of the Emperor in the early 4th century allowed Christianity to flourish. The Roman Catholic Church became deeply influential some 400 years later with Charlemagne, who was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by the Pope in 800. Religious revolution broke out in Europe with the Protestants, led by Luther, Zwingli, Knox, Calvin and Henry VIII. Their actions led to a revolution in the West that changed the nature of society. Today’s society has very much been impacted the Protestant Revolution, as strains of Puritanism are still seen in American society, for example, as authors like Hawthorne and Melville have shown.

What I hope to learn from the research is how religious revolution unfolded in Europe and what its…

Portable People Meter and Arbitron
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As listenes, began to subdivide themselves based upon the ethnic backgound and acial goups. At which point, it became obvious that moe specific infomation must be povided, to accuately undestand the vaious demogaphics of listenes. This would lead to the development of the PPM, as it would become a way of blending the advances in technology, with changes in the undelying tastes and choices of listenes. Whee, they would no longe ely on someone keeping a diay ove a seven day time peiod (unde the Daiy system). Instead, this would tell eseaches what stations each listene would listen to based upon, the sounds the device was ecoding. This would eliminate a cetain amount of bias that occus, when someone is keeping a diay. At the same time, this technology povides infomation to eseaches in eal time. As a esult, a vaiety of stations and adio netwoks have begun to use…

references, even though the person is not choosing to listen to a particular genre of music. This can provide radio stations, with inaccurate information about what choices listeners are preferring. According the author, this fundamental difference in the way information is reported, will always

BP Crisis
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Evidence of this can be seen with the company being slow to provide information, on the total amounts of oil that are leaking into the ocean and the various restrictions that they have placed on media coverage. (Lack of Transparency Afflicts Oil Spill Response 2010) This problematic, because when there are restrictions and the company is slow to release information, it appears as if they have something to hide. At which point, the public will become furious with the company, from their perceived unwillingness to cooperate. This could have negative political fallout, as various Congressional Committees and regulators will demand all documents relating to the spill. Once this take place, it sets the stage for an ugly showdown with Congress and the White House. Where, they could seek to force the company to disclose more documents and engage in criminal investigations, as these actions give the appearance that executives are…


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Portraiture Van Eyck Van Der
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In this piece van der Weyden depicts the words of blessing from low to high and rightward toward Christ, and the words of damnation are high and move downward toward those that have been damned. The rise and fall of the verbal decisions of the traditional locations of those that have been blessed and those that have been cursed. The artist even went so far as to use color to support the words, which was uncommon at the time; helping to make the distinction in a very visual way.

Acres maintains that although some conclude that a significant amount of modern interpretation of the work of 15th century Netherlandish paintings has been misguided, the most prevalent lesson is a reminder that images' meanings were and are able to "circulate well beyond the purview of contracts and other remnants of early documentation" (p. 109).

Jean Fouquet

According to Pacht in his…


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Post-Modern to Contemporary Psychology
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Diversity and Psychology

There were two major developments that influenced the field of psychology and the professions' views regarding multicultural competence, emphasized in 2003. The American Psychological Associations' 2002 Ethical Principles and Code of Conduct and the Guidelines on Multicultural Education, Training, Research, Practice and Organizational Change for Psychologists published in 2003 both stressed the importance of moving from a mono-cultural school of thought to a multicultural perspective and that these 'new rules' acknowledge an appreciation of differences as well as an "understanding of the inherent ambiguity and complexity in psychological practice (Pack-rown & Williams, 2003; Manesse, Saito, & Rodolfa, 2004). Knapp and VandeCreek (2003) said of these new guidelines that they articulate a need for greater sensitivity regarding linguistic and cultural minorities. The development of the new Code of Ethics and the APA's positioning were purported to be in response to a long awaited recognition of the need for…


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