Entertainment Industry Report A: Entertainment Industry Structure Essay


Entertainment Industry Report a: Entertainment Industry Structure and Relationships.

The entertainment industry in general is a complicated and often violent beast. It crushes most of the hopes and dreams it cultivates. For the handful of successful industry employees today, thousands, or even millions, have shattered dreams. At the same time, the structure of the industry is such that often even those with some success do not always achieve this long-term. This is true on both sides of the camera, microphone, stage, and other tools of the trade. Entertainment industry structures, relationships, and operations are all subject to rapid and unexpected change. Rapid technology developments have further complicated the management of this stormy industry.

Industry Structure and Industry Bodies

The entertainment industry contains many components, of which the two largest are probably film and music. In addition, television, radio, and theater also make up large sectors of the industry. In addition, there are many industry bodies, many of which have reached a very large size and scope within the industry. AOL Time Warner, for example, includes HBO as one of its component parts. The sheer size of these industry bodies make manage a complicated affair (The Economist, 2003). As suggested by The Economist, extreme size in an industry body tends to direct attention away from the importance of the actual content being created. Hence, a balance between management and creativity is suggested for greater effectiveness within the industry, where small units of creativity exist within the larger industry bodies.

Operations and the relationships within the industry have also changed as a result of rapid technology developments, including...


High definition and computer technology means that consumer preferences have changed. This means that the industry and its operation needs to change in tandem.

In conclusion, one might say the entire entertainment industry is in flux. Those individuals and companies that focus on keeping up with change are those that tend to survive better than those that do not (Kaufman, 2002).

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