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Environment Discussion Today, it is impossible to ignore the issue of environmentalism. Indeed, the noticeably erratic nature of the weather, the instability of the yearly seasons, and the general mayhem in terms of droughts, floods, hunger, and excess have contributed to the general human understanding that something must be done, and soon. On the other hand, it is all too easy for an individual to, although fully aware of the crisis and its current and future impact, to simply ignore this in favor of going about his or her daily struggle. Such an individual may have the hope that giant corporations will finally begin to take the responsibility they have been shirking for decades or even centuries. After reading the two articles by Kristof (2012) and Shiva (2012), I have come to the conclusion that it is not enough to hope, to pray, or to think positively. Each individual must do his or her part as much as possible to curb the rapidly destructive road on which we travel.

I particularly like Shiva's article, which considers the fact that Earth is generally seen as a mother by agricultural cultures. According to the author, the problem is that both corporations and individuals...


Instead, our planet is seen simply as another commodity or the vehicle towards commodity enhancement. Everything has become about money. As human beings, we have lost our touch with Earth as our mother.
In response to this article, I believe what I as individual can do as a start, I can change my thinking about the Earth and what it means to me. Shiva's article therefore inspires me towards better thinking about the Earth. I also feel inspired to share these thoughts with those around me.

Kristof's work is somewhat less emotional and esoteric than Shiva's, but nonetheless provides a shocking wake-up call. I had no idea how dire the situation was in many African countries. For this reason, the article has inspired me to give greater attention to the way in which I use my privileges here on earth. As individual, I can make recycling a habit rather than something I do only when I feel particularly generous. I can also buy products that are earth friendly wherever and whenever they are available. By doing this, I will connect with my new thinking about earth, rather than the Supermarket, as our source of…

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