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This is Because of the fact that customers plays an important role for the success of any organization .without the customers, the organizations cannot achieve their goals of making profit. This is however the aim of any business enterprise. Creating and raising awareness of the company's product in the target market is where sales originate this is also where marketing communications activities start the selling process.With todays numerous channels and avenues for content to reach prospective customers, the art and science of marketing communications has become progressively more important. Regardless of the nature of service or the products that an organization offers, they have to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved. This can only be achieved through effective communication between the organization and both the prospective and the current customers in a bid to achieve customer satisfaction and also to meet all the requirement of the customers, there is need for a well laid out way of communication with the customers. Volare Aviation Limited applies up-to-date communication mechanisms. They are dedicated to ensuring that the needs of their customers are met through their website which provides valuable information to the prospective customers. The information in the websites is well laid out to meet and answer all the customer queries. The website provides all the necessary information to the customers. It gives information about the training that they conduct besides providing the avenues through which they can be contacted. Through the website, the company interacts with a wide pool of customers who are far away. Indeed through it the prospective customers can be reached. Indeed the website provides perfectly relevant information to their customers


Gardner-Madras (2009) states that e-mail communication forms an important part of communication mix. It however has strengths and weaknesses. The following are the strengths and weaknesses of the currently available communication channels.


Babcock (2007a) states the following strengths of email communication;

1. Provides proof of the communication / interaction. This means that emails acts as sales receipts for a given communication. It also shows a time reference.

2. Ease of archiving information for future reference. This is because most email application provides a searchability function. The emails can also be sorted by relevance.

3. Email contains all the details of the correspondence thereby eliminating the need for committing facts to memory.

4. Email lowers the risks of making otherwise errant and embarrassing comments. This is because it can be edited as well as rephrased as desired before being sent.

5. E-mail is an inexpensive way of communicating since it can deliver information to a large pool of recipients simultaneously.

6. Communication challenges facing Volare Aviation Company

7. Given the fact that volare Aviation Company is still a small organization, they have not established a customer support department. There is therefore a dire need for a dedicated customer support department to be established by the company that will be capable of managing all variety of customer questions and meeting their problems.

8. Volare Aviation Company needs to carry out brand development, they also need to design logos, and conduct magazines and newspapers advertisements. Besides, they should conduct show guides, write leaflets and branded t shirts. The company should therefore strive to rely on paid advertisements both in print and online media. The company should also engage in public relations and numerous events that will draw in more customers.

9. The company should vigorously hold seminars, conferences and trade shows besides downloadable materials. They should also sponsor numerous events and also conduct merchandising promotions. All these will be able to draw a wide range of customers. The company cannot only rely on the website and emails as a means of attracting tourists. They should practice all these.


Babcock (2007b) also points out the following weaknesses of email communication.

1. The effectiveness of email communication relies solely on the diligence of the recipients in the checking of their inboxes.

2. It is much easier to ignore messages in email than the ones delivered through a verbal communication/interaction.

3. E-mail conversations require a long process to complete the communication process of understanding since the emails have to be sent back anmd forth.

4. Emails lack personal touch that is existent in spoken as well as face-to-face conversations

5. Email communications have a high risk of unauthorized disclosure of otherwise private and proprietary...


Emails can be a distraction

Snail Mail


There is proof transactional signatures and authorization


As the name suggests, the snail mail is extremely slow for the dynamic corporate environment.

3. Recommendations

The recommendations in this case is for Volare Aviation Limited to adopt an integrated marketing communication (IMC). Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) involves the integration as well as the coordination of all of the available marketing tools, functions, avenues as well as sources that are within a given firm into an otherwise seamless program that aims at maximizing of the impact of the marketing campaign on the consumers as well as other end users at a cost that is minimal (Clow & Baack, 2007).

3.1 Key Audience

The 2009 Domestic Tourism Market Segmentation report identified that New Zealander travellers can be grouped into 8 market segments -- each different in its demographic and psychographic profile, its travel behaviour and its travel needs, and each calling for a different marketing approach.

There are 2 segments which would be appropriate audiences for Volare to target. They are identified as the "Rewarding" segment which accounts for 13% of New Zealanders and, the "Aiming High" segment which accounts for 8% of New Zealands.

Salient characteristics of the "Rewarding" profile are:

More likely to be males in management or professional positions. Eight in 10 are 25 years or older and one in four are 55 years or older.

Members are typically couples who have never had children or whose children have left home.

Have above average domestic travel for business

Travel products that appeal: golf products, short domestic breaks, food and wine

Market to this segment through: business media, special interest groups/media/online (e.g. golf clubs or magazines)

Core market proposition: "You work hard, you deserve it"

Salient characteristics of the "Aiming High" profile are:

Two thirds of its members are under 25 and almost 90% under 40.

Members of this segment thrive on challenge and excitement and aspire to take part in a wide range of activities

Holidays are an integral part of their existence. They travel the most frequently, both overseas and in New Zealand.

The ideal holiday destination for "Aiming High" is exciting, different, entertaining and challenging with a wide range activities and experiences.

Coming from affluent backgrounds where sports equipment and accommodation is a given, the most significant barriers to domestic travel are annual leave and work commitments.

Travel products that appeal: adventure and sports product, youth/sporting/adventure events, urban products

Market to this segment through: youth media, special interest media (e.g. surfing, skiing etc.), online channels, clubs, cinemas

Core market proposition: "More bigger, best!"

3.2 Communications Strategy

The communication issues or problems to be addressed are related to the disadvantages of employing only email and snail mail in the marketing communications. The communication strategy to be employed is to be made up of an Integrating Marketing Communications (IMC);This includes the available marketing tools, functions, avenues as well as sources that are within a given firm into an otherwise seamless program that aims at maximizing of the impact of the marketing campaign on the consumers as well as other end users at a cost that is minimal (Clow & Baack, 2007). Integrated marketing communications strives to put into it that uniformity of message and the balancing use of media. The perception comprises of online and offline channels of marketing. Online marketing avenues comprises of any e-marketing campaigns and programs, ranging from search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click, affiliate, email, banner to latest web related channels for webinar, blog, micro-blogging, RSS, podcast, Internet Radio, and Internet TV. Offline marketing channels refers to the traditional print which includes the newspaper and magazines, mail order, public relations, industry relations, billboard, traditional radio, and television. A company can improve its integrated marketing communication programmer by making use of all the marketing mix elements. These are the product, price, place, and promotion. Integrated marketing communications plans are very vital for an organization to achieve success

3.3 Communication Mix

The Internet has greatly distorted the way business is conducted in the present world. The variables of segmentation, targeting and positioning are looked at in different perspectives. The way in which new goods and services are being marketed have greately changed desoite the fact that the sole purpose of business in bringing both economic and also social values remain the same. Indeed, the sole purpose of the business increasing revenue and profit remains the same.Marketing has greatly changed to more of connectedness, due to the new distinctiveness brought about by the Internet. At one time, marketing was viewed as a single way. firms broadcasted their offerings and value…

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