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Relocalization is at the heart of this film. It is a movement that believes in peak oil, and that society will have to relocalize to a more rural, sustainable way of life in order to survive the crisis when oil runs out. These small, rural societies will produce their own food, energy, and products, and could even devise their own governments, money, and culture. It sounds like the survivalist movement kicked into high gear and many


They are supposed to provide social, economic, and ecologically sustainable villages for residents of about 50 to 150. This is based on sociology an anthropologies studies that indicate this is the perfect amount of residents for social networking. They promote a balanced and ecologically sound lifestyle, as well. Ecovillages already exist in many areas of the world.

Energy Depletion."

Energy depletion is the world's descent after we reach peak oil. It is about increased energy demands without the ability to meet those demands, and the gradual collapse of society as we know it today. If we run out of oil, essentially the entire system will shut down. However, as oil gets scarce, and prices skyrocket, society will start to disintegrate, and people will have to change their lifestyles dramatically. Energy depletion refers to this, too, and the time that Americans are going to have to give up their big cars and houses, jobs, and way of life as we know it, and…

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