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But the main question being asked by the people interested in this issue is if the fortunes play any significant role to the employees in Wuhan. This is quite unfair and unethical since the employees are the ones who make it possible for the products to be available in the market for Apples customers so they should enjoy the benefits the company gets.

The financial strength of Apple is not in question but the position that apple takes in ethical issues such as workers welfare at its suppliers is what many people have growing interest in. The continued highlighting and emphasis by media houses on the working conditions...


This might in the long run have an impact of the economic success that Apple has been boosting of in the recent years. As a response to the mounting pressure from outside Apple published the list of its suppliers which was the first time for the company to do such a thing. They also joined a fair labor Association in which made Apple the first technology company to do so. Apple is seen to have worked with the labor rights advocates in china, environmental groups and have also agreed to allow people from outside to monitor its supplier's factories. These are all attempts made by Apple to deal with the ethical dilemma that faces it in Foxconn. It is a sincere hope that the leaders in Apple especially the top leader Mr. Cook will ensure that there are corrective measures adapted to completely deal with this ethical dilemma. The challenges that have been presented at Foxconn give Apple an opportunity to act as a leader beyond the technology field where it enjoys great success.


Hinks, P. (2012). Leaders we Deserve. Apple's new leader faces ethical dilemmas at Foxconn. Retrieved December 3, 2012…

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Hinks, P. (2012). Leaders we Deserve. Apple's new leader faces ethical dilemmas at Foxconn. Retrieved December 3, 2012 from

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