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Medical Dilemma

The Dilemma

The dilemma associated with this case study suggests that little is known or can be done with serious illness with any great confidence. At the heart of the issue is who is responsible for the sick child as it appears, but may not be true, that he cannot take care of himself and that his immune system needs to be guided by someone else.

The lack of a formal family and the unnatural formation of this family also contributes to the confusion of this ethical problem. The Christian Scientist mother of the child holds no biological claim to the child and is demanding a unique spiritual procedure to be used to the heal the child. Although this method is controversial and not based in traditional science, the laws allowing for this type of treatment are allowed in reasonable circumstance in many areas of the world.

The situation is also complicated by the fact that the sick child's father resides in another state and does not have the physical presence or perhaps knowledge of the situation to have any real impact. The essence of the dilemma rests in the idea that the only person that can really care for this sick child is termed a Christian Scientist, whose practices are not aligned with the more acceptable and mainstream beliefs and practices of the medical industry.

Decision Making Model

In order to make the best decision it is necessary...


The mother's faith in Christian Science, should not be marginalized or discounted. In fact modern medical techniques are very dangerous and doctors and nurses themselves are often directly responsible for making a sick child even worse. Malpractice suits are common and doctors and nurses are often trapped in conflicts of interest that result from medical professionals getting paid in accordance to how sick their patients are. Healing does not make money. By keeping this young child sick and not allowing the child to heal through other means supports the financial motive of the medical industry.

Medicine has failed at very large level in recent times, and spiritual healing as seen in Christian Science can and does work all the time. The power of faith can be used in many ways and modern medicine uses it as well. One way or another, the child must place his faith in his parents or his doctor. If placebos work, we should use them. If faith works we should use it. If violent allopathy is dangerous we…

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