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An essay that requires one to do a bit of research, make a claim and back that claim up with data is an expository essay.  Whether it is a how-to essay, a descriptive essay, a cause and effect essay, or an argumentative essay, the writing will involve laying out the facts for the reader.  For that reasons, expository essay titles should clearly identify the subject of the essay and give a notion of the argument that will be made in the essay.  The title of this genre of writing is not a place to be vague or ambiguous.  The title should be clear, direct, informative (like the essay), and as telling of the position of the author as possible.  There should be nothing misleading or ambiguous about the title of this kind of essay.  Here are a few examples to see what we mean.

Expository Essay Titles

1. How to Build a Tree House without Posts:  A Step-by-Step Guide

2. 10 Ways to Make a Dinner Date Even Better by Staying In, Making Pasta, Drinking Wine, and Putting on Netflix

3. 5 Reasons the Traditional Family Unit Has Lost Its Status as the Norm in the 21st Century

4. The Ring Plot in Merchant of Venice and the Meaning of Friendship

5. The Founding Fathers’ Faith in Enlightenment Ideals:  An Examination of the American Conscience

6. How Alexander Hamilton Helped Push America to War with England and Why He Advocated for a Strong Central Government

7. 6 Problems with What the Media Has Said about COVID 19 and Why Bill Gates is Pushing for a…

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21. Virtue Ethics, Deontology, Utilitarianism and Ethical Egoism:  A Complete Overview

22. How Ethics Shapes Business:  Lessons from Businesses That Have Failed and Succeeded

23. The Leadership Styles of Herb Kelleher and Elon Musk Compared

24. The Ways in Which the Old Testament Anticipates the Messiah and Why Some  Jews Rejected Christ

25. The Turning of Saul into Paul:  What Happened on the Road to Damascus


Expository essay titles should get right to the heart of the matter in a few words.  No need for ambiguity or cuteness.  The goal here is to tell the reader what the essay will be about and what position you’re taking as the author.  That will be enough either to hook the reader or tell the reader that what he’s looking for might best be found somewhere…

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