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Problem Statement and Research Questions

Problem Statement

To a large extent, the relevance of a problem statement cannot be overstated when it comes to efforts to clearly capture the issue under consideration. Towards this end, I will be seeking to offer a concise and clear description of the primary concern, i.e. the educational attainment of teen mothers and why it warrants attention.  Thus, in this case, I will not only put the issue into context, but also highlight what is already known about the issue, and the relevance as well as objective of the study.

Teenage pregnancies are a concern in the United States. As a matter of fact, various surveys have indicated that a significant percentage of school girls in their adolescence get pregnant each year. Indeed, as Humberstone (2018) observes, the U.S. happens to be a leader in teenage pregnancies among developed countries.  Teenage pregnancy as well as child bearing affects the education attainment of teenage mothers.  This is to say that those teenagers who happen to get pregnant are likely to have their grades and general performance in school adversely affected.  This finding has sufficient backing in research – as per the findings of, amongst others, Paton, Bullivant, and Soto (2020) and Watson, Vogel, and Wubbena (2016).  It therefore follows that there need to have strategies in place to ensure that the education attainment of teen mothers is not severely affected (following pregnancy and childbearing).  This will be the primary objective of the present undertaking.

Research Questions

1. What are some of the factors that impede the educational attainment of teen mothers?

2. What are some of the strategies that could be formulated and implemented in an attempt to promote the educational attainment of teen mothers?

Action Research Timeline


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