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The writer of this work assumes the position of Crime Scene Investigator who is responding to a homicide scene at a convenience store/gas station at 3:00 A.M. Upon first arriving the officer who first responded at the scene relates information that there was an additiaonl employee present during the incident in addition to a mother and her 15-year-old son who are both witnesses to the crime. There is a deceased victim with a gunshot wound in the chest. The responsibility fo the Crime Scene Invesetigator includes latent print work and other related tasks.

Upon arrival to the sceneit is noted that the scene was secured prior to the arrival of the Crime Scene Investigator. In additional all crime scene integrity precautions and procedures are in


All sketches and measurements have already been taken. Other visible items include the following:

(1) Paper "Quick Pick" Lottery Ticket on counter with a blood-like impression on it;

(2) A blue steel .38 caliber revolver with reddish-brown spots and two hair-like fibers on it on the floor by the ice cream cooler;

(3) A ripped open cardboard carton on the floor in front of the counter;

(4) A crude map and directions to the store drawn/written in pencil on a piece of notebook paper on the floor;

(5) A typical cardboard six pack container of cold beer (bottles) on the floor near the beer cooler

(6) One spent bullet embedded in the wall behind the counter

(7) Spilled cigar box of $20 bills on the floor next to the deceased

(8) Fresh-looking cigarette butt only half smoked…

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