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Having served the community since its inception in 1963, the Fire Department is fully equipped in terms of equipment and manpower to handle both its daily duties to the community and disaster events. Over the years, it has grown with the community in and is currently fully able to handle all of the community's demands for both emergency and additional services.

Currently, the El Dorado Hills Fire Department includes 15 Administrative Staff members, 51 paid Firefighters and Paramedics, and 34 Volunteers working with paid personnel. There are four stations across the District, strategically placed to serve the community effectively.

In 1963, the El Dorado Hills Fire Department was founded as part of the County Water District. At the time, the District included only one fire station to serve its 10,500 acres, ninety homes, and facilities such as a school and market. Over more than forty years since, the District grew to 30,000 acres, including 13, 215 homes and a population estimated at 39, 645 (El Dorado Hills Fire Department). The commercial district includes approximately 4, 000,000 square feet.

Station 85 was the first to be constructed in 1963, and included only volunteer firefighters. Station 84 was constructed in 1982, also served by volunteer personnel. After nine years, paid personnel were recruited. Station 86 was constructed in 2001, staffed with three personnel and provided with an advance life support engine. A wildland urban interface engine was also newly acquired for this station. After this time, several new offices and equipment were added, including an Air/Light Support Unit. The newest fire station was added in 2007.

In terms of personnel, the Honor Guard was established, consisting of volunteer, retired, and other personnel to help with community events and other daily duties. It is the concern of the Fire Department to provide…

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