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However, there are some problems that appear to be universal, and these are the ones that are of the largest concern because they affect the greatest number of schools and their fire safety workers as well. By detailing this information and explaining it clearly, it is assumed that more individuals in the profession will be made aware of it so that more can be done to make schools safer. Ultimately, making those outside of the profession aware of these issues is also important, because many of the problems that school fire safety personnel deal with are caused by other people that are not paying attention or that do not respond well to orders and instructions. These people can cause serious injury and even death in some cases due to their lack of concern for others and the needs that school fire safety personnel may have.

Studies such as this one have a strong purpose because a lack of past research and a lack of understanding of the issue on the part of the community have come together to show that this is an area that has had little study and therefore little recognition. How an important issue such as this could remain unstudied for so long remains a mystery and will not be speculated on for purposes of this paper. However, understanding the issue and educating others must become the highest priority for those that wish to protect those that are sworn to save lives.

Not being aware of the dangers and problems that these individuals face, and not attempting to do anything about these issues and problems, could eventually lead to a lack of qualified school fire safety personnel due to the concern over personal safety that many of these individuals might have or a misguided belief that the problem with safety was not serious enough to keep them interested in that career path. A belief that others do not care about the dangers of the profession and the work that these individuals are doing could also lead to job dissatisfaction for many school fire safety workers, who may then leave the profession for some other line of work, adding to the potential future shortage.

Without a strong purpose, a study becomes irrelevant, but studies such as this one are needed due to the lack of information currently available on the topic. When not enough information is provided, individuals tend to become concerned about what they are not being told, and this can lead to rumor and speculation that is unnecessary and potentially dangerous.

Putting these rumors to rest and providing facts that can be relied upon has great significance for those that work in fire safety where schools are concerned and those that do research into the field as well. Stopping these rumors will make those that work in this field feel safer and more comfortable with what they do, and this will help their clients and the schools that need their help.

Studies with a clear purpose into identifying behaviors that may save lives are significant in that they apply to all of society, not just to those that are discussed within the confines of the study. Sooner or later, many people will need fire safety services, either for themselves or for someone that they love. School fire safety workers are relied upon in times of crisis with the understanding that they will know what to do and be able to arrive, care for the people in the school, and keep them safe from harm before a fire has a chance to break out. There are many things that can stop them from doing this, and these pose a danger to many individuals, including those that attend the schools in question and those that belong to the faculty of those same schools.

Importance of the Study

The study has a great deal of importance, as the


The problems faced by school fire safety service workers spill over into the schools and community that they work to serve, and this can lead to danger for those that need their services the most. Many of these people are young and small and cannot take care of themselves, and others would still not know what to do if the school they were in caught fire.

These school fire safety workers must then deal with upset and distraught individuals who have a high stress level due not only to the fire but to other safety concerns as well for the people that are/were in the school with them. Some of these individuals can become completely distraught, and they are but one of the many difficulties that school fire safety workers face in their job activities. There are so many different problems that school fire safety personnel must face that it is virtually impossible to be totally prepared for them all. However, being aware of as many of them as possible will help keep the largest amount of people safe from harm.

Studies such as this one have been performed on other specific groups of individuals and on certain occupational hazards, but it is very difficult to find information about school fire safety personnel and the hazards that they face as well as the fire safety itself, past and present. This is one of the main reasons that a study like this holds such importance for the future of the profession and for researchers who may become interested in this topic in the future, as well as for the schools themselves. Without the interest of others, studies do not help those that need it most, and it is clear that the hazards of school fire safety personnel have not been high on the list of concerns in past years.

Even though these issues have not been high priority for researchers, they have remained high priority for school fire safety personnel, and it is time that these individuals were studied thoroughly when it comes to the problems that they encounter. This lack of study equals a lack of understanding, and those that work in this field must be aware of the dangers as well as the rewards. It is an important profession for many that need help, and those that do not understand it thoroughly can sometimes leave because of the problems that they must face.

Since studies are not done into this area, the reason that these individuals are leaving is not often known and therefore not realized. This could work its way into an eventual crisis if enough of these school fire safety workers choose to leave and no one is dealing with the reasons that are behind this choice. It is unlikely that it will reach these proportions but steps should be taken now to recognize the important contributions that school fire safety personnel offer to the communities that they serve.

Of further importance to the study is the fact that school fire safety workers are extremely important to the community. They are relied upon to take care of others in sometimes critical situations, and they must be able to perform their jobs correctly, or people can die. Sometimes, these individuals cannot be saved, but quick thinking on the part of school fire safety workers can save lives quite often, and this is true of actual fires as well as the preparations that are made to try to stop fires from happening and extinguish them quickly if they do get started. Begin able to detect these fires very rapidly is one of the most important jobs that these fire safety workers have when they are creating a protection system for a school.

Since researchers in the past have not seen the importance of this enough to study it thoroughly, it is important that it be made clear in this study that this problem does not only affect those that work in school fire safety services, but all individuals everywhere in the country that may someday need these services.

Scope of the Study

There is little literature available on the subject of school fire safety personnel and the hazards that they face. Most of the literature that is available deals with only one specific hazard and does not examine the rest, or looks at only the present and not the past. However, there is still enough information available to provide a framework for the study and an understanding of the problems that school fire safety personnel face. This understanding will come through an analysis of the literature that is available and literature that relates to the subject in various ways.

This does not mean to imply that there is no available information about school…

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